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Olm Minigame

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Olm Minigame

This is an easy minigame with pretty decent rewards. The minigame does take a bit of time complete if you're using low-tier gear. There are no requirements to start this minigame.

This minigame has 3 rooms. In each room you'll find npc's you have to kill in order to get a key. 

The first room has Infernal Wizards. These wizards drop the key of the first room, in order to enter the second room.
The key is a
1/30 drop chance.

Infernal Wizard


The second room consists of Olm Minions. The Olm Minions drop 4 different keys which you need in order to enter the third and final room.
The Second Room keys 1-3 have a 1/30 drop chance
The Second Room Key 4 has a
1/100 drop chance.

Custom Olm Minion



The final room of the Olm Minigame has the Custom Olm bosses. These don't drop a key. Instead you'll be given one once you kill 100 Olm bosses. Once you got a key, you can use it on the chest to receive your reward. 

Custom Olm Boss


Rewards list for Olm Chest


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