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Xp Lamps & Effigy Guide

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Dragonkin lamps (xp lamps) are a great way to boost your skill levels. There's a few ways you can get these lamps.

You can buy them from:

The PvM store located at ::shops
The Boss Point store located at ::shops. 

Dragonkin Lamp (xp lamp)

There's an alternative way to obtain these Dragonkin lamps. That's through effigies. Effigies are dropped by a few monsters in the game: Hellhounds (best place to farm), Tormented Demons and KBD (both at ::tormented).

NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 EFFIGY AT A TIME! Make sure to fully unlock them before trying to farm for more! Read below to learn how to fully unlock them!

It's also important to note that the Dragonkin lamps are affected by double xp weekendtriple xp server perkpets and voting scroll xp boosts. They also give double xp when used in the Resource Area.

The Resource Area is located north-west from the ::chaoselemental teleport (see image below)

The best way to farm Effigies is to go to Hellhounds in Taverly Dungeon. For this I recommend bringing a Bonecrusher and a Charming Imp. The Bonecrusher will automatically crush the bones and the Charming Imp can be configured to automatically convert dropped charms into Summoning xp. Both of these can be bought from the Boss Point Shop for 100 points each. Alternatively, the Bonecrusher can also be bought from the Slayer Store for 25 points.

How to configure the Charming Imp:

Select any charm

Then select the 2nd option, "Automatically turn all charms into Exp".

To get there, there are two ways. One way requires 80+ Agility for a shortcut while the other has no requirements, but takes a bit longer.

Teleport to Livy. You can find them in the Teleports menu -> Monsters -> Livy.
From here, you have two options:
Option 1 (no shortcut): Walk South-West and follow the path all the way up North.
Option 2 (shortcut): Walk directly West and go through the Obstacle pipe. Then walk a little bit North and you should find a strange floor to the West.
Jump over the strange floor and walk North.


Once you've gotten an effigy, you can click on it to investigate it.

Now press Click here to continue (twice). You should then see something like this:

If you want to further unlock the effigies, you need to have certain skills to be level 91-97.
Now you have to choose between one of the skills to further unlock the effigy. 
Each next level or stage of the effigy will require you to choose between two skills again.

7 of the following 14 skills
(7 pairs of 2) will be required to unlock the effigy and eventually get the Dragonkin lamp (xp lamp). 
1: Farming/Fishing, 2: Fletching/Woodcutting, 3: Herblore/Prayer, 4: Crafting/Agility, 5: Mining/Smithing, 6: Runecrafting/Thieving, 7: Cooking/Firemaking.

Out of those 14 skills, the 7 skills that are easiest to train to level 97 are:
Fishing, Woodcutting, Prayer, Crafting, Mining, Runecrafting and Cooking.

Once you've leveled those 7 skills to level 97 or higher, you can fully unlock effigies and get the xp lamp.

A fully unlocked effigy will give you the Dragonkin lamp. 

This lamp gives xp according to your level. This means that the higher your level skill, the more xp you get.

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