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Update version 3.1

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Added new donation deals interface:

Every 100$ donation will give you 1spin.

Reach the donation amounts by the end of the day for free bonus rewards!

Reach 100$ get extra autumn spinner box!

Reach 250$ get extra ring of twillight.

Reach 500$ get extra top droprate artifact.

(Claiming donator scrolls doesnt count)



Added ring of Twilight. 8% dr 8% ddr.

(How to get? Upgrades, Deals spinner, Deals, Grim vision boss)



Added new upgrade:



Added New Grade Master Trophy: 5% dr 5% ddr.



You can receive the trophy while grading items, 10% chance.


Added new other task ( ::customtasks)

Rewards: 5% droprate increase, 1.15bonus expierence, 25% droprate artifact.



Added Droprate artifacts:

Artifacts is inventory droprate items, when you have it on inventory it will give you extra droprate!

Low tier 25% 


Mid tier 50%


Top tier 75%



 Npcs show drops will show you calculated droprate to get drop:



Added Drop Simulator:



Reworked entire Droprate and Double droprate system with the new roll drop system!

No droprate cap anymore!


Added Droprate sets:

Droprate sets:
Custom sets + 150 Droprate.

Special sets + 120 droprate.
(Jiren, Slayer set, Arthur pendragon, Big donator set)

9 tier sets + 100 Droprate.
(Jinx, Zamasu, Karik, Ice queen, Fire, Contributor, Kurapika, Mehruem, Frost AA)

8 tier sets + 80 Droprate.
(Kotal kahn, Meliodas, Kakashi, Merlin, Ban, Investor)

7 tier sets + 60 Droprate.
(Gogeta, Archangel, Sora, Spawn, Lord slug, Ichigo, zaken, naruto)

6 tier sets + 50 Droprate.
(Youpi, utopia, plat buu, pheonix dragon, demon goku, ghost beerus, escanor)

5 tier sets + 40 Droprate.
(Piccolo, Karthus, robocop, kabal, exiled saiyan, gold buu, buu, trump, comp ironman)

4 tier sets + 30 Droprate.
(Master dragon goku, halloweenie, raditz, uchina itachi (u), primal wargod, frost-fire dragon,beerus, golden frieza, kaneki)

3 tier sets + 20 Droprate.
(ssj 3, baby, black goku, cyan void)

2 tier sets + 10 Droprate.
(frieza, donator, shia chua, idivius, boss, cell, gold void)

1 tier sets + 5 Droprate.
(Gim, Void, Elite void, Toxic void)


Added OSRS broadcast message.


You can right click dissmis.



Replaced Mega bosses with the new Grim Vision bosses.

You have to wear Gas Mask to avoid one hit death.

(Added Gas Mask to Q tickets store cost 100Q tickets)

3 Waves:

Toxic Grim vision: 125M HP. Imune to melee.


Blood Grim vision: 150M HP Imune to range.


Sky Grim vision: 200M HP. Imune to mage.





Edited Teleport interface:

Added NPC melee ,range, magic defence & tier.




Added Attack restrictions for some game npcs!

(Removed dbz monsters from slayer tasks!)

Dragon ball content:

    Vegeta need 200 goku kills.
    Cell need 300 vegeta kills.
    Ssj3 need 400 cell kills.
    Raditz need 500 ssj3 kills.
    Piccolo need 1000 raditz kills.
    Broly need 500 raditz kills.
    Baby need 600 broly kills.
    Buu need 600 baby kills.
    Beerus need 600 buu kills.
    Lord slug need 700 beerus kills.
    Exiled saiyan need 700 lord slug kills.
    Janemba need 800 exiled saiyan kills.
    Oozaru need 250 Janemba kills.
    Mehruem need 500 Oozaru kills.
    Jiren need 100 Ozzaru kills.


Added Rare drops tracker ( Till last rare )


Changed text color of public chat: 


Added new droprate sets guide on CTRL + G



Added color changing names:



Utopia 1 year anniversary aura!




Changed donation scrolls to $ bonds!



Added Droprate Amulet. 25% droprate. 0% ddr. Cosmetics

(Ways to get: Deals spinner, Grim vision, Karik, Baium, Zamasu)



Added Droprate Amulet (u) . 40% droprate. 0% ddr. (gradable)



Added New upgraded on upgrades Droprate amulet to Droprate amulet (u)



Updated donator store.

Jiren set are now gradable with grade scrolls!

Fixed mystery box rare loot chance.
You can not use soulsplit on Utopia tournament anymore.
You can bring pets on lol minigame.
Added rune essences to rune crafting store.

Fixed Recovery password. (you have to setup email before doing that).

Fixed ::customtasks droprate perks.

Fixed player is locked status.
Lowered Contributor zone npcs attack speed & damage.
Fixed Weekly bosses interface timer.

Removed Rising star warrior, mewtwo, infernal groudon, abbadon, vladimir, cyrisus, shadowlord ,
 reavers, callisto, le`fosh, baphomet, livy, cerberus, wildwyrm, supreme flame warrior, tactical , destroyer from teleport interface slayer tasks, r
slayer teleports.

Fixed crowns on interfaces.

Fixed Symbols typing on client.

Removed Junk items from upgrades

Karik, baium, zamasu, now gives loots to 50 players.

Disabled Gambling for sometime!

Now if you gamble ban yourself you will get gamble ban on your computer!

Removed Lucky row from gradable items list.





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