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staff application SirSpendAlot

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In-game name:






What is your timezone:



What country are you from?



How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.):

3-5 hours every day( sometimes longer ),depending on holidays or overtime at work.


How can you contribute to the server:

 I have a past expierence as Owner,admin,mod,support,developer(basics)

I also have a lot of experience in dealing with people's problems,issues and any other complaints that they might have.

i will always try to help the best i can and always try to be where i can to assist people that are requesting help and or information 

i always go check out new servers for potential new content(with a twist, not a copy).

i have alot of ideas for content and will always help think about new content/creating it.


How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot):


What can you bring to the table that others can't:

As stated above i have experience as owner and basic development, i know what it takes to maintain and keep up a server,

therefore i will always act according to what's best for the server itself,may it be recruiting potential youtubers or assist players .


How are you dealing with problems:

i have had my fair share of problems back in the day.

I have always tried to keep the head cool and think about the situation and its potential consiquences that may follow.

as role of support i will always act to what's best for the server.

if there is a problem i cannot fix i will always ask higher ranks how we can fix it and if someone else needs to be involved in the situation.


How are you with dealing with people:

this always depends on the issue and the person itself.

if it's an active player that has had no warnings in the past i will kindly remind them our policy and rules.

if it's a newer player that is very toxic from the start of his journey on our server,he will be taken apart and spoken to about the rules.

if it's a player that has had multiple warnings,be firm and strict about our rule policy and if not followed actions will be taken.

i will never act on my own judgement for heavier punishments,i will always ask for a higher rank to come and see what they think about the situation and if needed the actions taken.

i will always talk before i act,see what's its about and then make my decision on what we do next.

 i will never act without approval of higher ranks unless absolutley necessary ( mute/jail/kick for spamming or toxicity ).


if there are any other question regarding the application,feel free to pm me on discord ( Angrynoodle#4098 ) or in game ( Sirspendalot )




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