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Beginner's money making guide!

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This guide is for all new players who are struggling to make their startup cash, here you will find everything you need to succeed in the Utopian world. 

Before getting started on this guide i really encourage everyone to check out this Beginner's guide! - Miscellaneous Guides - Utopia-RSPS before you do if you are a brand new player!

Now lets begin! 

Location #1: Raditz.

Requirements: Elite void set, venom staff/god's minigun or equivalent.

Looking for: Raditz set pieces=60-80q each and sell quite easily, also can be used for the Raditz quest which has very lucrative rewards, such as Elite Dbz spinner boxes.



Location #2: ::timechamber

   Requirements: Easy dbz raids require 25000 kill count


                                 Medium dbz raids require 50000 kill count


                             Hard dbz raids require 100000 kill count


Need to know: When doing Dbz raids the person with the highest damage receives x2 keys, which is why it is recommended to do solo!


Location #3: Kabal 

Requirements: God's minigun, venom staff , lucky arrow or equivalent+!

Looking for: set pieces and 50q drops and it drops almost 500k billion tickets every kill!



Location #4:Escanor

Requirements: 100hours of play time, range weapon and lucky arrow for efficient kills!

Looking for: Set pieces and $25 scrolls.




Location #5: Lord Slug

Rquirements: 100hours of play time, range weapon and lucky arrow for efficient kills!

Looking for: Set pieces, dbz spinner boxes, $25 scrolls!


However I would like to mention that you can also do some Spawn, Exiled Saiyan for spawn cape and exiled amulets which also sell quite easily !

For any prices you may be curious about from this guide you can go to Official price guide (updated 5/9/2021) - Miscellaneous Guides - Utopia-RSPS or you can also press ( CTRL+P) ingame and it will pull it up for you! 


GL on drops everyone!

IWB wishes you all the best!


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