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In this guide you will find some of the most important things to know for all new players!

If ever in doubt of the commands simply type in ::commands and it will pull up all our helpful commands as well as zone commands.



If ever in doubt on how to access the server guides press ctrl+g in game and it will pull up most of the guides we have here in Utopia as well as you can go to the forum on web and they will all be there under the guides section. 



As a quick tool you can also type in ::bis and it will provide you with an in game tab which shows all stats for all items of each class these being melee, mage, and range.


As a new player it is important to finish your first tasks at ::train doing this will provide you with everything you need to start in the road to success!

In this zone, you will receive your first collector's necklace as well as your first set and all starter weapons such as the BFG500 which is aoe in custom zones which will help you obtain a faster kill count as well as scratch cards from the which you could obtain your first Donator rank as well as first Trophy and Venom staff which is the first great mage class weapon in game.train.PNG

After you will want to focus on ::progressions, as well as ::startertasks , from here you will be earning many usefull items such as store mystery boxes, blue hearts, red hearts, elite dbz spinners and more. You can obtain many juicy rewards from all of these as well as red and blue hearts are upgradable at ::upgrade into higher rank boxes with great rewards!



Now there is a wonderful place called ::afkzone, in this zone you will be able to earn stuff in your sleep time or just afk time. The afk zone provides two options, you can cut tree, or mine stone, and the stone has a store in the which you can purchase items using the resources you earn from mining at this zone. 






There are some useful tools which you will want to use to maintain yourself progressing faster, these are at home, also can type ::grinder, ::upgrade for faster access. There is also a combining machine and in the middle using the Pet forger npc you can combine pets into higher grades.




When you grind items at ::grinder you will receive utopia crystalscrystal.PNG.aa07cf67af8003f8feeb2c8ed0294864.PNG and these crystals can be used to obtain very useful items including the bis ring, your first set zaken, your first arrow and more from the crystal store storeeeee.PNG.30f2ab5141a248a1e39da017ac79753a.PNG which is located right next to the ::grinder.




There are some places such as the dragon ball z raids, at the ::timechamber which require some kill count before being able to access them, for this it is encouraged that you spend some time at ::custom, ::custom2 for these locations are aoe and will allow for the highest kill count per minute thus making it much easier to reach the kill count goals required for some areas.


At these zones there is also a store with some useful items as well so it would not just be for the kills .


There is a zombie minigame, in the which you can obtain a very nice zombie crusher(minigun) which if used with an arrow will make your game your game experience quite amazing as it is an extremely effective combination specially starting out. 


Also the zombie crusher grinds for a total of 7500 crystals which is quite amazing. Grinding any other items from this store will not be as fruitful so beware before doing so!!



Now once you obtain your first minigun and your first Arrow, you are ready for some lucrative activities. such as ::timechamber, ::escanor, ::lordslug. from these zones you can obtain $ scrolls which will allow you to earn donator points as well as endgame gear and pets and so many juicy rewards. 










I wish you all the best in the road to success here in Utopia and we hope this guide helps you all to achieve that success! Enjoy the Utopia world and we welcome you all to our community with open arms! 

IWB wishes you all the best :)!

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  • Community Manager

Very nice guide. Was very easy to read through. Very user friendly. Thank you for the contribution. 

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