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Skilling/Maxing Guide

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Skilling/Maxing guide.

This guide will show you some ways to train your skills and to eventually get the Max Cape which has 10k Stats + *2.5 damage multiplier, so it's a very good cape to get. This guide covers on how to train all of the skills, including a different method should a skill be too tedious to level up the normal way. At the bottom of the guide there's more information about that.

If you want to search for a skill, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard then type the skill in the search bar.
For the info about effigies, use
Ctrl+F and search for "effigies".

The best time to train skills is during the weekends for Double XP. This is active every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
On top of this, there's a server perk that gives 3X XP which can be activated at the
Server Perks NPC at home.

Server Perks NPC

The Resource area is an important place to do your skilling. While you're there, you'll receive double experience. And don't worry, even though it's in the wilderness, if you die you won't lose anything.

The Resource Area is located north-west from the
::chaoselemental teleport (see image below

Now with that out of the way, let's get started.

Levels 1-35: Shrimps (net) - (from level 15 Raw Anchovies)
Levels 35-76: Tuna (harpoon) - (from level 50 Swordfish)
Levels 76-99: Sharks (harpoon)
Optional 91-120: Rocktails (Fly fishing + Red vine worms)

It's recommended to fish Rocktails at the Resource Area (see image above).

Levels 1-35: Shrimps
Levels 35-45: Tuna
Levels 45-80: Tuna and or Swordfish
Levels 80-99: Sharks
Optional 93-120: Rocktails (
if you've fished Rocktails)

If you've run out things to cook, the Master Fisher at the Fishing teleport sells Raw Salmon and is next to a Banker NPC.
It's also recommended to stock up on a lot of raw food and cook this all at the
Resource Area (see image above).

Levels 1-15: Regular trees
Levels 15-45: Willow trees
Levels 45-60: Maple trees

From here on out you want to go to the Resource Area (see image above) to continue woodcutting. 
Levels 60-75: Yew trees
Levels 75-120: Magic trees

Levels 1-15: Tin and Copper ore
Levels 15-30: Iron ore

From here out you want to go to the Resource Area (see image above) to continue mining.
Levels 30-55: Coal ore

Levels 55-70: Mithril ore
Levels 70-85: Adamantite ore
Levels 85-120: Runite ore
Another method is that you can also mine at the
Afk Rock, which is located at ::afkzone. You can do this if you need to go do something IRL or simply wish to take a break and do something else. 

Levels 1-20: String Flax
Levels 20-34: Cut Sapphires
Levels 34-55: Cut Rubies
Levels 55-67: Cut Dragonstones
Levels 67-120: Cut Onyx's
It's recommended to buy a lot of noted Uncut Onyx from the Crafting Shop at the Crafting skill teleport and then to cut them in the
Resource Area (see image above).

Levels 1-27: Air runes
Levels 27-40: Cosmic runes
Levels 40-72: Siphon Green Energy Source
Levels 72-120: Siphon Yellow Energy Source

For siphoning Green and Yellow energy sources, you want to use Boss Souls that transform you into the respective bosses of the soul you use. This will boost your hitpoints by a lot and you can fully afk for the duration of the transformation (30 min).
These souls are obtainable from the Boxes of a few bosses such as Baphomet and Abaddon.

Levels 1-26: Crude wooden chairs (
2x Planks, 2x Steel nails) - requires a Parlour room
Levels 26-35: Oak armchairs (
3x Oak planks) - requires a Dining room
Levels 35-52: Teak armchairs (
3x Teak planks) - requires a Dining room
Levels 52-80: Mahogany tables (
6x Mahogany planks) - requires a Dining room
Levels 80-99: Scrying pools (
4x Marble blocks) - requires a Portal chamber room
To create a room, right-click one of the white doors called "Door hotspot" and select Build. After this, you can select th

You can train dungeoneering by killing the
NPC's in the Weekly Dungeon which you can find in the Skull tab to the bottom-right of your inventory or enter the cave at ::slayer.


Levels 1-35: Gnome Agility course (
2 Tickets per completed run)
Levels 35-52: Barbarian Agility course (
4 Tickets per completed run)
Levels 52-99: Wilderness Agility course (
6 Tickets per completed run)

Save up your Agility tickets, you can buy the Agile set for 120 tickets from Cap'n Izzy No Beard, who you can find at all of the Agility Courses, which will greatly boost your Agility xp gains. Trading in tickets for experience is not worth it.

Levels 1-26: Attack Potions
 (Guam + Eye of newt)
Levels 26-45: Energy Potions (Harralander + Chocolate dust)
Levels 45-55: Super Attack Potions (Irit + Eye of newt)
Levels 55-66: Super Strength Potions (Kwuarm + Limpwurt root)
Levels 66-72: Super Defence Potions (Cadantine + White berries)
Levels 72-92: Ranging Potions (Dwarf weed + Wine of Zamorak)
Levels 92-120: Extreme Ranging Potions (Ranging potion (3) + 5 Grenwall Spikes)

All ingredients are available in the Herblore Shop. Click the Herblore Skill to get to the shop.
It's recommended to stock up on a lot of resources for making potions and make them 
Resource Area. (See near the top)

Levels 1-30: Banana Stall
Levels 30-60: Ring Stall
From here you want to go to the Resource Area to continue thieving.
Levels 60-65: General Stall
Levels 65-80: Magic Stall
Levels 80-120: Scimitar Stall

Levels 1-5:
Arrow Shafts
Levels 5-10: Shortbows (u)
Levels 10-20: Longbows (u)
Levels 20-25: Oak Shortbows (u)
Levels 25-35: Oak Longbows (u)
Levels 35-40: Willow Shortbows (u)
Levels 40-50: Willow Longbows (u)
Levels 50-55: Maple Shortbow (u)
Levels 55-65: Maple Longbow (u) 
Levels 65-70: Yew Shortbow (u)
Levels 70-120: Yew Longbows (u)

You can if you want string the bows as well, but you'll have to spend time making Flax into Bowstrings.
I don't think it's worth doing. Stringing them gives about 50% more xp compared to making the unfinished ones, but the time you spend doing this isn't really worth it.

It's recommended you start Slayer as soon as possible. Not just for the early levels but because you can also receive
Slayer boxes and Elite Slayer boxes while you're on task. The regular Slayer boxes are 1:100 and the Elite Slayer boxes are 1:500. These boxes have goodies that can still be useful even at the late game.

Regular Slayer box rewards


Elite Slayer box rewards

The best Slayer master to pick for farming Slayer boxes is Duradel. The best tasks for farming them are Luigi and Turbo Raichu.

There are also Slayer helmets to get that will award more Slayer points when you complete your task. You can keep your regular helmet on from your gear and switch it out with a Slayer helm at the very last kill and still receive the bonus points.

Slayer Helmets
Slayer helmet = points received * 1.2
Slayer helmet [1] = points received * 1.4
Slayer helmet [2] = points received * 1.6
Slayer helmet [3] = points received * 1.8
Slayer helmet [4] = points received * 2.0
Slayer helmet [5] = points received * 2.2

Levels 1-23: Baby Implings in Puro Puro
Levels 23-60: Tropical Birds
Levels 60-63: Chinchompas
Levels 63-120: Red Chinchompas in the
Resource Area (see image near the top).

This next image shows in what tiles to place your Box traps to spawn-trap the Chinchompas. (North-east corner)

1-5: Bronze Dagger
5-19: Bronze Arrowtips

From here on, you want to buy a lot of Iron and Steel Bars from the Construction Shop which is located in your POH (Player Owned House). After you bought a lot of bars, go to the Resource Area (see first image near at top)
19-35: Iron Arrowtips
35-120: Steel Arrowtips

Levels 1-15: Burn Logs
Levels 15-30: Burn Oak Logs
Levels 30-45: Burn Willow Logs
Levels 45-60: Burn Maple Logs
Levels 60-75: Burn Yew Logs
Levels 75-120: Burn Magic Logs
It's recommended to do all Firemaking training in the
Resource Area (see first image near the top).

This skill isn't the easiest to train or is it very fast to do so. For that, it's recommended to use the xp lamps from effigies to level this skill up (more info about effigies at the bottom of the guide or use Ctrl+F and search for "effigies"). If you don't wish to use xp lamps, you can follow the following:

Allotment Patch
Levels 1-20: Potatoes
Levels 20-31: Sweetcorn
Levels 31-120: Strawberries

Herb Patch
Levels 1-30: Guam
Levels 30-48: Avantoes
Levels 48-59: Kwuarms
Levels 59-67: Snapdragons
Levels 67-75: Cadantines
Levels 75-120: Torstols

Flower Patch
Levels 2-26: Marigolds
Levels 26-58: Limpwurts
Levels 58-120: White Lilies

For Summoning, there are few monsters that drop charms. However, the best way to get charms is to buy a
Charm box from the Boss Point shop. These cost 50 Boss points each. They give around 20 of each charm per box. 

Levels 1-18: Wolf pouch (7 Shards, 1 pouch, 1 Gold charm, 1 Wolf Bone) 
Levels 18-34:
Desert wyrm (45 Shards, 1 pouch, 1 Green charm, 1 Bucket of Sand) 
Levels 34-46:
Void shifter (74 Shards, 1 pouch, 1 Blue charm, 1 Shifter Charm)
Levels 46-73: 
Pyrelord (111 Shards, 1 pouch, 1 Crimson charm, 1 Tinderbox)
Levels 73-89:  
Obsidian golem (195 Shards, 1 pouch, 1 Blue charm, 1 Obsidian Charm)
Levels 89-120:
Geyser Titans (222 Shards, 1 pouch, 1 Blue charm, 1 Water Talisman)
An alternative way to train Summoning (and Prayer) at the same time is to use a
Charming Imp and configure it to convert charms into experience. The best place to use this is at Hellhounds. This also happens to be where you can farm for Effigies. (Read below)

Dragonkin Lamps (xp lamps) and Effigies

Dragonkin lamps (xp lamps) are a great way to boost your skill levels. There's a few ways you can get these lamps.

You can buy them from:

The PvM store
The Boss Point store 
Both of these stores can be found at ::shops

Dragonkin Lamp (xp lamp)

There's an alternative way to obtain these Dragonkin lamps. That's through effigies. Effigies are dropped by a few monsters in the game: Hellhounds (best place to farm), Tormented Demons and KBD (both at ::tormented).

NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 1 EFFIGY AT A TIME! Make sure to fully unlock them before trying to farm for more! Read below to learn how to fully unlock them!

It's also important to note that the Dragonkin lamps are affected by double xp weekendtriple xp server perkpets and voting scroll xp boosts. They also give double xp when used in the Resource Area. They also give more xp based on your level in the skill you're using it on.

The best way to farm Effigies is to go to Hellhounds in Taverly Dungeon. For this I recommend bringing a Bonecrusher and a Charming Imp. The Bonecrusher will automatically crush the bones and the Charming Imp can be configured to automatically convert dropped charms into Summoning xp. Both of these can be bought from the Boss Point Shop for 100 points each. Alternatively, the Bonecrusher can also be bought from the Slayer Store for 25 points.


How to configure the Charming Imp:

Click on each of the Configure charms for each type.

Then select the 2nd option, "Automatically turn all charms into Exp".

To get there, there are two ways. One way requires 80+ Agility for a shortcut while the other has no requirements, but takes a bit longer.

Teleport to Livy. You can find them in the Teleports menu -> Monsters -> Livy.
From here, you have two options:
Option 1 (no shortcut): Walk South-West and follow the path all the way up North.
Option 2 (shortcut): Walk directly West and go through the Obstacle pipe. Then walk a little bit North and you should find a strange floor to the West.
Jump over the strange floor and walk North.


Once you've gotten an effigy, you can click on it to investigate it.

Now press Click here to continue (twice). You should then see something like this:

If you want to further unlock the effigies, you need to have certain skills to be level 91-97.
Now you have to choose between one of the skills to further unlock the effigy. 
Each next level or stage of the effigy will require you to choose between two skills again.

7 of the following 14 skills
(7 pairs of 2) will be required to unlock the effigy and eventually get the Dragonkin lamp (xp lamp). 
1: Farming/Fishing, 2: Fletching/Woodcutting, 3: Herblore/Prayer, 4: Crafting/Agility, 5: Mining/Smithing, 6: Runecrafting/Thieving, 7: Cooking/Firemaking.

Out of those 14 skills, the 7 skills that are easiest to train to level 97 are:
Fishing, Woodcutting, Prayer, Crafting, Mining, Runecrafting and Cooking.

Once you've leveled those 7 skills to level 97 or higher, you can fully unlock effigies and get the xp lamp.

A fully unlocked effigy will give you the Dragonkin lamp. 

This lamp gives xp according to your level. This means that the higher your level skill, the more xp you get.

Cosmetic keys

Now that you know how to train your stats easily, we can talk about Cosmetic keys.
When you reach level 120 in a skill you'll be given a Cosmetic key. This key can be used at the Cosmetic Chest at ::slayer.
The rewards are as the name implies, purely cosmetic.

Please note that reaching level 120 in Combat skills will not give you a key! Prayer being an exception.
This means that reaching level 120 in Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic and Hitpoints (Constitution) won't give you with a key.

This concludes the skilling guide. Should new and better methods be found, then the guide will be updated with the most efficient methods. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in cc or contact staff members.

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