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Grading Guide

This guide will explain how the grading system works in Utopia.


What is grading and what does it do?
Grading is a fairly new addition to the game where you can further upgrade your gear. Grading items increases their stats. They can give you a massive boost in damage which will help you farm those endgame bosses easier. 

How do you grade items?
You can grade items by using a duplicate item of the one you want to grade. So for example, if you have 2 Owner Swords, you can use one on the other to grade it. That's all there is to it. Be aware though, once you've graded an item it becomes untradeable! 

Grading an Owner Sword


How do you degrade items?
You can also degrade your items if you wish to. However, this will only give you 1 item back. So if you degrade a +5 item, you will lose all that you've spent to grade it. You can degrade items at the Item Degrader north-west at home.

Degrading an Owner Sword

What items are gradeable?
There's a bunch of items, mainly endgame, that are gradeable. This includes items like Owner Sword, Fused Zamasu Set, Upgraded Ragefire Bow and a bunch of others.

A full list of gradeable items can be found in-game by using "Ctrl+g", then near the top-right "Gradeable items".

How are the stats calculated for grading items?
Graded items are quite easy to calculate the stats for. No matter what the base stats are of the item, the way how you calculate stays the same.

The way to calculate the stats of graded items is like this:
Base stats * 1.2 for grade +1. Then from grade +2 to +5 it adds the stats from grade +1. 

Raditz pieces have a base stat of 350
Grade 1 has 420 stats. (Base stats * 1.2)
Grade 2 has 840 stats. (grade 1 stats + grade 1 stats)
Grade 3 has 1.260 (1.26k) stats. (grade 2 stats + grade 1 stats)
Grade 4 has 1.680 (1.68k) stats. (grade 3 stats + grade 1 stats)
Grade 5 has 2.100 (2.1k) stats. (grade 4 stats + grade 1 stats)

Stats of regular Raditz Gloves

Stats of Raditz Gloves +1


Stats of Raditz Gloves +2

Another example:
The Owner Sword has a base stat of 30.000 (30k).
Grade 1 has
36.000 (36k) stats. (Base stats * 1.2)
Grade 2 has 72.000 (72k) stats. (Grade 1 stats + grade 1 stats)
Grade 3 has 108.000 (108k) stats. (Grade 2 stats + grade 1 stats)
Grade 4 has 144.000 (144k) stats. (Grade 3 stats + grade 1 stats)
Grade 5 has 180.000 (180k) stats. (Grade 4 stats + grade 1 stats)

Stats of regular Owner Sword

Stats of Owner Sword +1

Stats of Owner Sword +2


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Yahtzee#9569 on Discord.

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