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BabyEvil pernament mute Appeal

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IGN: BabyEvil
why you were muted :  Because i said F Word i was mean with it  Enough ..


Why should we unmute you : Because i dont deserve  to be pernament mute i said it because i just get rage from some one.. I thought  he mean   bad thing to me. ( when he was laughing .. ) so in the end i knew that he dont mean that ... 

Explain your perspective : i teleported to ::lordslug after that some one teleported to there  ( that guy that  i said f word to him .. ) he started laughing on me with out reason so i thought its bad  thing i reported him cause i though its bad thing..

so that all the story .. 

Thanks For Reading .


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fixed some thing
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  • Babyevil changed the title to BabyEvil pernament mute Appeal
  • Community Manager

Your appeal has been review by the team. It was lessened from a permanent mute to a temporary mute which will be lifted in 6 days. Dont ask staff to lessen the time any further. It will void the decision to release your permanent mute and will cause you to remain muted.

Thank you

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