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Update version 2.0

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Fixed Ironman, Raiden achievements.

Edited player panels design.


Changed Player owned stores currency to Q tickets, How you can claim your old bill ticket earnings? ::claimpos

Removed all requirements for buu zone.

Nerfed Zaken set multipliers from 3.0 to 2.8.

Added banks to every training room.

World bosses Karik, Baium, Fused Zamasu now drops guaranteed 25 Q tickets drop.

Charm boxes are back on boss store!

Updated item grinder with missing items.

Updated armor & weapon guide link.

Updated Golden Scratchcard loots.


Added delay on opening utopia lucky scratch card.

Fixed Pet mini me damage multipliers bonuses.

Fixed Pet mini me despawn on login.

Added all stores on ::shops location.


Changed Utopia crystal store design



Changed item grinder location, you can find all shops ::shops.

Fixed double drop scrolls.

Fixed Starter chest right click rewards.

Nerfed Kabal sickle and offhand to 10k stats

Added Donation $ scrolls on donator store.


Shia Chua, Idivius, Carzone, Rastaman, Archangel, Draconic. now give boss points!

Nerfed Kotal Kahn, def, hp bonuses.

Changed lord slug requirements to acces to 100hours playtime.

Updated Trivia rewards store


Replaced Regular scratch card with Golden spinner ticket.


Nerfed Rastaman.

You cant dye graded items anymore.

Added Elite dbz spinner boxes on donate store.

Added tutorial for starters. (for completing the tutorial you will get red cheart).




Boosted all range attacks.

Add KC tickets, 5K , 10K , 25K, 50K. (Donate, Golden Oozaru, Kotal kahn rare drops).

Added Kaneki 8M HP, to acces the zone you need 15 hours playtime






Gear: 6.5K stats each part, wearing whole set you will get 2.2* bonus damage multiplier. Non gradeable.



Added Escanor. 100 Hours playtime requirement to acces this zone




Added Divine Axe Rhitta 7% Dr, 7% ddr



Added Escanor set. Not gradeable. 2.8 Bonus set damage multiplier


Kotal kahn now drops 3x red hearts instead on 1 as a common drop


Golden Oozaru is now mini global boss

Increased HP, defence, Changed drops type, 5 Top damagers gets drops.




Common drops:

2-3 red chearts

1-3 cryptic boxes

3 soe boxes

1 elite soe box

regular dragon balls *1-5

Uncommon drops:

regular dragon balls *6-7

1$ scroll

1-3 blue chearts

God potion

Recipe God potion

5$ scroll

Store mystery box

Dbz spinner box

Rare drops:

Ragefire bow

25$ scroll

3 Store mystery box

2 Dbz spinner boxes

5 Elite soes Box

2 God potion

Wheel of fortune

5K-10K npc kills

Draconic bow

Owner sword

Owner staff

Elite dbz spinner box



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