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Hello, this will be a quick guide about what weeds do and what they are for.

Weeds can be used to give you a buff. From damage, loot or even Slayer points, these weeds can be quite handy. The damage buffs may even allow you to kill bosses you normally would have trouble with.

A few weeds are also required for a progression called "Stoner". This progression requires you to smoke a Lemon Haze, White Widow and Amnesia Haze.
You can smoke these weeds by using them on a Rastaman Bong from ::Rastaman.


Here's a list of weeds with their effects from best to worst:

KE8toKd.png Northerm Lights - *5 Damage and loot boost for 15 minutes

Blue Berry - *5 Damage and loot boost for 10 minutes

Skittlez Kush - *3 Damage and loot boost for 20 minutes

Orange Kush -*3 Damage and loot boost for 15 minutes

Amnesia Haze - *3 Damage boost for 15 minutes (also boosts hp)

UwpogsU.png White Widow - *2.5 Damage boost for 20 minutes (also boosts hp)

H1COazc.png Pineapple Express - *2.0 Damage boost for 20 minutes (also boosts hp)

wCdmRw5.png Lemon Haze - *1.5 Damage boost for 15 minutes (also boosts hp)

zZzzjgi.png Strawberry Cough - *3 Slayer points boost for 20 minutes

6n1fP1P.png Sour Diesel - *3 Slayer points boost for 10 minutes

And that's all there is to it. If I missed something or made a mistake, let me know and I'll fix it.

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