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Welcome fellow Utopia players,

I'm going to be explaining and showcasing our new give-away/event calendar. (the calendar will be linked when its done) 
I will try to update this prior for month to month basis. if something comes in it will be posted in event channel
in the case that the event doesn't happen will be compensated in the next days event.
Prizes will vary depending on the type of event.

    Different types of events:

   1.) Goodie bags;
               a) Goodie bags: there will be a bunch of juicy rewards decided by opening a few of each box so the variety of
its will always be different which will keep them exciting. (inventory spots constantly refill)
Grand goodie bags: the same concept as normal goodie bags but they will have 4-6 higher tier items 
                                           (2qt+ ex. Dbow , owner sword 25$ scrolls, ect) Grand goodie bags will be activated once or month or if we reach a server 
   accomplishment (150+ online , 1000$ total donate for that day , breaking vote records and ect.) 
Goodies bags will be non-iron only will host another event for iron man while goodie is going
on. (for example 3 tanks zones, cash zones , and ect)  

 2.) Trivia; 
               a) Server related trivia: These will be questions pertaining to knowledge base of the server (npc requirements,
skilling , zones knowledge , staff teams , rules , and ect)
Old school Runescape Trivia: These will be questions about OSRS skilling , pvm , and questing this will 
give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge of osrs (could also google the answers) example of questions 
(Level requirement to wield on dragon weapon in osrs = 60 attack)
World knowledge trivia: These will be questions to prove your knowledge of current events and world 
events. (forexample: Name of the creator of facebook? Most expensive crypto currency? Geography and ect)

     3.) PVM events;
     a) Pvm Drop event: In this event I will declare A specific drop(s) from multiple Npc(s) and the first to 
get this drop will win. will do multiple npcs at a time to make it fair with the limited amount of npc(s)
Tank instance event: first one to get a tank instance from any npcs in the game will win this event

            4.) Hide and seek (hns) and First to trade (f2t)
        a)Osrs map: In these events i will hide in Osrs map areas (either hns or f2t) 
                                             a.i) commands ::varock ::lumbridge ::port ::portsarim ::yanille ::falador ::camelot ::ardy             
Custom npc's: will hide at custom npcs that utopia offers, by opening teleport interface you can 
                                                                 navigate and find the npcs also using their commands (ex ::cell ::bender ::goku ect) for this event I recommend getting familiar with teleporting tabs.
skilling zones: will hide in common skilling locations. click the skill you want to train to go here
most of the times these will be f2t events.

5.) Discord/youtube giveaways:

a) Discord events through the Bot in the discord "Event channel"

b) Youtube: Winning the items from liking , commenting , and subscribing to youtubers for their videos


(will update this as needed)

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