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Added Lord Slug.




Lord slug set 5 parts. 3.0* Multipliers.


Replaced Galaxy Cell with Lord slug (on dbz hard raids).



Added Pet Darkness Baium



You can forge your pet baium now!


Updated donation deals:



Fixed Top-Don minigun droprate bonuses.
Removed Draconic bow from store mbox loots.
Fixed NPC Nomad droptable.
Removed some npc requirements.
Replaced KC requirements to playtime for some npcs. (Sora,Gogeta,Archangel,Janemba)
New reqs:
Sora = 60hours playtime.
Gogeta = 100hours playtime.
Janemba = 150hours playtime.
AA = 150hours playtime.
Lord Slug = 50hours playtime.

Luigy and Pikachu is back on slayer tasks!
Slayer skip task cost 15 points.
Fixed Impostor boss drops.
Fixed Cash zone boss drops.
Fixed Vote boss drops.

Changed Starter progression tasks interface position

Changed Server perks interface position

Changed Multi area icon position

Added Bunch of missing items on Grindable items list



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