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Th3 bank3r Staff application

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In-game name: Th3 Bank3r


What is your timezone: GMT+8

What country are you from? Philippines

How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.):8-12hours a day other than weekends depends on my weekend schedule

How can you contribute to the server: i can be of help to new player i am sort of well versed with prices

How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot):image.png.e101ca3e196e5816c1b0ff8cd33b0d29.png

What can you bring to the table that others can't: most of the people are asleep when i am on coz i guess i live on the other side of the earth so i can help there while others cant

How are you dealing with problems: i try to fix it as effective as i can if it needs a more serious or needs a higher ups i will need to call em before doing anything

How are you with dealing with people: i am friendly and easy to go with so i dont have any problems dealing with people behavior but if its too much that affects other people i am going to do justice

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