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Server support staff application

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In-game name: N3t 

Age: 18

What is your timezone: NA-East

What country are you from? United States 

How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.):I am always available to be on the server and typically spend at least five hours online daily.

How can you contribute to the server: Personally, I always enjoy helping new players and getting them started toward their Utopia experience along with being available to answering any questions they have revolving Utopia! However, new players aren’t the only players I am interested in. I am interested in all types of players and their interests and will always be open to any questions and or concerns revolving the server!

How long you have been playing for: I have been playing the server for roughly 50-60 hours of play time.

What can you bring to the table that others can't:For one thing it’s availability. I am always available to log on the server no matter the day I shall always be on. Also, loyalty, I feel as if loyalty is the biggest persuasion when it comes to servers and I will stand by Utopia no matter the circumstances.

How are you dealing with problems: When I am approached with a problem I carefully observe the situation and get both points of view revolving the conflict. Personally, I go by the rules and do what is right for the sever and try to resolve the conflict as easily as possible.

How are you with dealing with people: I am an open and honest person and love to share my interests and love to hear about other peoples interests. I tend to enjoy learning about others more than I do sharing my self as I am a great listener and am always open to thoughts and statements! 
Thank you for your consideration - N3t

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I readed this app twice because i really like how you did answer those questions. 
I see alot of things back in you from what i readed here. What i mostly like is how original this app is, well done!
The only thing is your playtime but you already know alot of Utopia. I mean thats what i noticed. I saw you did help alot of new players out by saying the right things.
Keep doing this! 

Oh and
Next time, dont put your head in the fridge 🥶 this app is ice cold! +1 from me 💯


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