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Iomonsterx staff app

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In game name:




What is your time zone:

Jerusalem(GMT +2)

What country are u from:


How much time u can spend on the server(avrg):

6-8 hours

How can u contribute to the server:

I can help with everything possible and remind players to vote every day and help starters and guide them specially

How long you have been playing for(post a screenshot):

307 hours

What can u bring to the table that others cant:

I can do a lot of things that can help out the server so I know how I should work and do because I was a mod and admin on other servers soo I know how everything goes

How are you dealing with problems:

starting with understanding the two sides of the problem and then starts to find the perfect solution for it

How are u dealing with people:

I actually working on a shop so I'm very patients and deal with them very easy even if they are aggressive in talking or if they on their worst mood



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