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  1. I understand what you are trying to say and Utopia should always be a positive environment. However, do you believe someone should be promoted due to their positivity?
  2. Hey dude, You do seem very determined and seem to really want this position. However, I don't appreciate that you still think of yourself as new. You stated: " mostly, activity, and just to be there for players who either struggle or just need guidance as i'm pretty new my self still." Please note that the category of " What can you bring to the table that other's can't" is a very important category that the staff team looks into. When filling out this category, we look for something NEW and being there for players who either struggle or need guidance isn't really selling me that feeling
  3. Hello BabyEvil, I really enjoyed reading your application but I feel like I didn't really understand much about you. Also, it's pretty hard to promote someone who has been muted so many times, HOWEVER you have been changing. I will keep my eye on this application and bring it to the staff teams attention that you have applied. Try to add a little bit more information about YOURSELF. For example: When the format asks " What can you bring to the table that other's can't" you stated " New and beautiful ideas to suggest to the owner of the game & help him with that. " I don't believe that
  4. Undecided for now, let's see some improvement with helping players IN GAME then i'll let ya know what I think. However, you are a nice guy and I see some potential in you.
  5. +1 You have great potential and are an amazing / helpful player! Good luck! ❤️
  6. Thanks for all the support guys! Means so much!
  7. Just an update of my hours ( Not a single hour spent afk )
  8. In-game name: N3t Age: 18 What is your timezone: NA-East What country are you from? United States How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.):I am always available to be on the server and typically spend at least five hours online daily. How can you contribute to the server: Personally, I always enjoy helping new players and getting them started toward their Utopia experience along with being available to answering any questions they have revolving Utopia! However, new players aren’t the only players I am interested in. I am interested in all types of players a
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