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  1. +1 very good application keep up the good work
  2. +1 very good guy always helping with new players and very active
  3. Name: Anthony In-game name: Mr Skillz Age: 21 Time Zone: EST, From Australia Time Spent on the Server: 6 – 8 Hours per day. Contribution to the Server: I contribute by helping and supporting new players when they join, making them feel comfortable and welcomed. If another staff member needs help, I can supply some assistance if needed. Playing Time: 380 hours +, mostly active. What I Bring to the Staff Team: I’m a helpful person/player and will do anything to keep this community together. If there is something I ca
  4. Name(optional): anthony In-game name: mr skillz Age: 21 What is your timezone: est What country are you from? australia How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): 6-8 How can you contribute to the server: helping and supporting new player , staff members when needed How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): What can you bring to the table that others can't: im a helpful person/player will do anything to keep this community together and if there is something i can help with i will
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