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  1. Armor & other equipment guide - Beginner Troll Set - Obtainable from: "::Train, Winged Trolls, Training Soul" - Dark Predator Set - Obtainable from: "::Train Dark Predators, Predator Box" - Gold Predator Set - Obtainable from: "Upgrading Dark Predator Pieces @ ::Upgrade" - Rising Star Set - Obtainable from: "Livy NPC, Rising Star Box, Donator Box, ::starterraid" - Supreme Flame Set - Obtainable from: "Supreme Flame NPC, Supreme flame box, Upgrading Rising star pieces @ ::Upgrade" - Devil Torva Set - Obtainable from: "Donator B
  2. Yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr +1 from me
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