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  1. +1 I think you would be a good addition to the team. seen you often.
  2. Amazing as always khabib
  3. Very nice clean guide thank you for contributing
  4. 😄 anytime just being honest
  5. +3 i have seem you on alot i think you would make a great addition to the team
  6. +1 on this other members applications are a head of you so please be patient
  7. You have changed alot since you began. With how helpful you been lately I will +1 this
  8. Amazing contribution
  9. Looks amazing thank you for your contribution
  10. Approved application Thank you
  11. +1 Very helpful when I see him on I think he would be a great pick for the staff team
  12. +1 I think you would be a good addition to the team. Very friendly 😄
  13. +1 Would gladly accept you back :D
  14. Atem

    Mister mula

    +1 Seen him being helpful and he is very active
  15. This guide looks amazing thank you for the contribution
  16. Thank you for applying for staff. At the current moment would like to see a change in behavior and for you be help new players a little more. We talked about this 😄 keep up with that then feel free to apply again. I share a similar with the other staff in regards to their comments so for now -1 Hopefully that will change in the future because of your activity
  17. Your appeal has been review by the team. It was lessened from a permanent mute to a temporary mute which will be lifted in 6 days. Dont ask staff to lessen the time any further. It will void the decision to release your permanent mute and will cause you to remain muted. Thank you
  18. +1 since he has joined he has been very active and helpful in the cc. With brushing up with more knowledge of server I believe he would be a great staff member. The hours you cover are ideal for our availabilities
  19. Atem

    Give Away!

    Welcome fellow Utopia players, I'm going to be explaining and showcasing our new give-away/event calendar. (the calendar will be linked when its done) I will try to update this prior for month to month basis. if something comes in it will be posted in event channel in the case that the event doesn't happen will be compensated in the next days event. Prizes will vary depending on the type of event. Different types of events: 1.) Goodie bags; a) Goodie bags: there will be a bunch of juicy rewards decided by opening a few of each box so th
  20. Unfortunately with all of the logs for you in the punishment logs you wont be eligible for staff at this time. -1 Maybe sometime in the future but in my eyes you wouldnt be a good fit for staff right now. Dont let this detur you from applying in the future. Thank you for applying. -atem
  21. +1 Strongly recommend. Was great staff on goldenscape.
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