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  1. I readed this app twice because i really like how you did answer those questions. I see alot of things back in you from what i readed here. What i mostly like is how original this app is, well done! The only thing is your playtime but you already know alot of Utopia. I mean thats what i noticed. I saw you did help alot of new players out by saying the right things. Keep doing this! Oh and Next time, dont put your head in the fridge 🥶 this app is ice cold! +1 from me 💯
  2. Looks good , next time no copy🤪. try to tell more about how you contribute the server.
  3. Good app and alot of playtime keep going! see you help everyone and being kind (=
  4. Good app also, saw you help many people ingame and not in active at all. gz on 300 hours playtime!
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