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  1. THIS GUIDE WILL BE COVERING THE UPDATED MAGE WEAPONS FROM LOWEST TIER TO HIGHEST. (CNTRL+F TO LOOK FOR A SPECIFIC ITEM) Number next to the weapon indicates it's drop rate percentage. Thunder's Staff 3% Mystic Staff 4% Venom Staff 5% Zeus's Mage Weapon 7% Ultimate Venom Staff 6% Archangel Staff 7% Infinity Gauntlet 7% (AOE) Meliodas Staff 8% (AOE) Owner's Staff 7% (AOE, GRADABLE AND DYEABLE) Owner's Staff +1
  2. In-game Name: Runn Age: 23 What is your timezone: GMT+3 What country are you from? Lebanon How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): 5-10 hours a day, even a bit more on the weekends How can you contribute to the server: By investing some of my play time to help current players and new arrivals at Utopia How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): What can you bring to the table that others can't: A lot of activeness in game, helping in any way I can and definitely laughter How are you dealing
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