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  1. 1. Hard DBZ Raids (Requirement 100K KC) Most rare drops from this chest are going for 4QT all the way up to 25QT 2. Hard Solo Raid (Requirement 250 Medium soloraids) 3. Uchiha Itachi Itachi drops the Melee and Mage sharingans aswell as the store Mystery box and the cosmetic uchiha set! The Sharingans are used to boost dps fort he respected style. And go for 4-5qt a piece. 4. Meruem 5. Janemba (Requirement 150 hours playtime) This Boss has a chance to drop a Store Mystery box, a
  2. 1. Medium DBZ raids By doing ::timechamber you can go and do medium DBZ raids at 25k kc 2. Medium Solo Raids After obtaining 200 easy solo raid kc u can go to Medium solo raids 3. Lord Slug (Requirement 100 hours playtime) The set has a 3.0 damage multiplier however it is not gradeable and worth 600q per piece They also drop store mystery boxes and Regular + Elite DBZ Spinner Boxes The elites have rare loot up to 20qt worth , however the boxes also sell for 4-5QT a piece. The 25$ scrolls that they drop go for 1.2
  3. 1. Blood reavers which can be found in the monster teleport tab in your mage book , they will drop around they have a 1/3 chance of dropping 25k 1b tickets in 1 drop! They are also a great way of stacking up kc because they are easily killable and only have 700 HP! 2. World bosses reward u with 25Q per kill aswell and all u have to do is get 1 hit in to be eligable for a drop! There are 2 world bosses that require playtime which are: Fused Zamasu and Karik u need 20 hours of playtime to be able to go to both of them but for the rest of the daily world bosses: ( friez
  4. Regular donator zone: This is actually just a private skilling zone with skills ranging from mining/smithing all the way to summoning. Super Donator zone: 10$ The super donator zone has a couple NPCS which includes: - King Black Dragon - Stormtrooper - Fumus - Ironman - Captain America Sponsor Donator Zone: 20$ The Sponsor Donator zone includes the following NPCS: - Zeus - Helicoptor - Deadpool - Joker -
  5. +1 great guy and very helpful at that! i see u online everyday helping people when needed.
  6. Name(optional): Marwan In-game name: Xendrox Age: 20 turning 21 on the 25th of June What is your timezone: CEST What country are you from? Born and raised in The Netherlands but originally from Morocco ( North-Africa) How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): 4-8 hours a day i do go to school and work but once i am done i get online, when i do have exams etc. it will be a little less but obviously ill be online and inform higher ranks about the situation. How can you contribute to the server: i feel like i can contribute
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