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  1. Not just off of positivity no, but someone who influences and guides players too isnt just being positive they are being productive. I mean i could tell you about all the places iv been (server wise) and what roles iv had there but that'd bore you and mean nothing, iv been in the rsps game for like 15 years but only like being in the roles of the community (playing not developing) i have a high sense of loyalty and respect for servers i like and id really like to see this server what it deserves which means keeping players happy here and not driving them away so for that one reason positivity
  2. i agree i could have been a little more enthusiastic upon the section which means most to you guys! For what it worth i can bring laughs jokes and banter to make everyone happy with their time here at utopia... im so down to earth i could turn your miserabilist day into one of the best days of your life thats jsut the effect i have on people.... no negativity just positivity and creativity!
  3. Name(optional): Josh Eatock In-game name: Age: The Kid What is your timezone: UK GMT LONDON What country are you from? Manchester, England How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): At the minute i spend around 8-12 hours a day on the server so i'd suppose that'd suffice as enough time to help and support the server! How can you contribute to the server: I can mearly help and push people to grind just like i do hopefully get them to enjoy the game as much as i still do.. always being active, helpful and mostly honest is just another on
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