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  1. 2021 Christmas event quests guide For this year's Christmas event, there will be 4 quests to complete. For each quest you get 5-10k Christmas points and a Christmas box. The Christmas points can be spend at the Christmas store. Completing all the quests will unlock the Christmas Zone where you can farm various monsters. For more information about the Christmas zone & npcs, please read the forums post for Update version 4.0. Christmas Store 1 & 2 Christmas box rewards ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Updated guide for 3.9
  3. Updated this guide. I vaguely remembered some changes made to some of the weed strains. These changes were posted on Discord, but not on the forums. Update patch note from Discord:
  4. Defenders Minigame Guide Welcome to the Defenders Minigame guide. The Defenders Minigame allows you to upgrade or up-tier certain offhands. To do this you'll need to get a bunch of Defender Tokens. You get these by killing Minion Defenders. Once you've gotten a bunch of these tokens, you can click on it to teleport to the boss area. Here you'll find a bunch of Defender Mummy Boss. You can find the Defenders Minigame teleport in the Teleports menu (Ctrl+t) then click on the Minigames tab. Teleports menu, use Ctrl+t or click on the Utopia logo next to your mini map. From he
  5. Dbz Raids Guide Welcome to the Dbz Raids Guide. This guide will show you how the raids works, how to complete them and their rewards. If there's anything missing or stated incorrectly, please contact Yahtzee#9569 on Discord. The Dbz Raids is as the name suggests a Dbz themed raid. This raid offers 3 difficulties to choose from. Each difficulty comes with new bosses to kill and better rewards for higher difficulties. To complete a raid, you have to clear all the waves. While it's possible to solo each difficulty, it's highly recommended doing it with others to speed up the kills
  6. Among Us Guide Hello and welcome. This guide will show you how the Among Us minigame works and if it's worth grinding. Note: I will add a few gear setups that are recommended to use later. About Among Us Among Us is a minigame based of the real game. Here, you have to kill certain amount of Among Us NPC's to unlock the next zone. This minigame offers a nice way to grind some cash early on and if lucky some rare rewards from the Imposter Boss (will talk more about that later). Each new zone offers more cash per kill, which makes it more profitable in the later zones than
  7. Guide Index If you think a guide is missing and wish for it to be added, please contact me on Discord Yahtzee#9569, message me here on the forums, or in-game. Some of these guides can be found in-game by pressing Ctrl+G. Additionally, the guide index can be found in-game by pressing Ctrl+i. Tip: while hovering over a guide, use Ctrl+Left click or press your scroll wheel button to open the guide in a new tab. Skilling & Miscellaneous Guides: Xp Lamps & Effigy Guide Official Price List Guide Skilling/Maxing Guide Weeds Guide Clue Scroll Gui
  8. Grading Guide This guide will explain how the grading system works in Utopia. What is grading and what does it do? Grading is a fairly new addition to the game where you can further upgrade your gear. Grading items increases their stats. They can give you a massive boost in damage which will help you farm those endgame bosses easier. How do you grade items? You can grade items by using a duplicate item of the one you want to grade. So for example, if you have 2 Owner Swords, you can use one on the other to grade it. That's all there is to it. Be aware though, once you've
  9. Guide Index The guide index can be found here, or by using Ctrl+i in game. Recommended Gear Setups guide This guide will show you some gear setups that you can aim for in each stage of the game. The gear setups are some of the most popular sets to get. Please note that this guide is more of a guide-line/base-line of what your gear setups could look like and give you an idea of what upgrades to go for next. There are simply too many setups to list and there are plenty of gear setups that aren't shown here but would work just fine. You don't need to have these specific s
  10. Pet Bonus Guide You can scroll through this list in-game by using Ctrl+G -> Pets guide, or by using the ::petdata command. Note: a few pets are not on this list. Most of these are cosmetic or have no bonuses. If there's a pet missing, feel free to contact Yahtzee on Discord, on the Forums or in-game. Pet Bowser 3% drop rate, 5% Double drop rate, 1.5* Damage multiplier Obtained from: killing Bowser at ::train (4th room) Pet Mayonaise 5% drop rate, 10% Double drop rate, 1.0* Damage multiplier Obtainable from: completing ::startertasks, Elite Pet Box Pet
  11. Hello Sasha, Thank you for applying. There's a few things I like to talk about. However before I start I want to say my interactions with you personally haven't been many. So I may be wrong with my assessment. When asked how you could contribute to the server, you answer saying that you're a nice guy with a fun sense of humor. I know everyone has a different sense of humor, and I am not one to judge them for it. However in my eyes, your sense of humor is not suitable for the position you seek. I won't go into detail, but the things you say sometimes can be seen as rather disturb
  12. Hello, this will be a quick guide about what weeds do and what they are for. Weeds can be used to give you a buff. From damage, loot or even Slayer points, these weeds can be quite handy. The damage buffs may even allow you to kill bosses you normally would have trouble with. A few weeds are also required for a progression called "Stoner". This progression requires you to smoke a Lemon Haze, White Widow and Amnesia Haze. You can smoke these weeds by using them on a Rastaman Bong from ::Rastaman. Here's a list of weeds with their effects from best to worst: Northerm Lights -
  13. Name(optional): In-game name: Yahtzee Age: 22 What is your timezone: CET / GMT+1 What country are you from? The Netherlands How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): Around 8 hours a day. How can you contribute to the server: I often help people out by answering questions in chat. And if an argument broke out that spirals out of control, I try to be a peacekeeper between both parties. Other than that, since recently I've been helping with some stuff behind the scenes. How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): https://i.img
  14. Heyo For those who want to know, I'm 22 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Been playing RuneScape since 2005-2006 and stopped around 2010 (Evolution of Combat update). Ever since then I've been playing Rsps's on/off, usually taking a few months break after spending some time on them. Taking a break from Steam at the moment which brought me back to playing Rsps. Few days after getting back I remembered this server exists (sorry!) and came back. I'll eventually go back and play Steam games. Most likely going to be Monster Hunter: World, Rocket League or should I find time for it,
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