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  1. Retired staff rank plz
  2. Update well worth the wait, Great job!
  3. Rngesus / Rng or as I used to go by "Buu" but I see there is already a 'Boo' here, Most of the Veteran player's /OG's know me, most of you don't. so here I go. Canadian born and raised, 21 years old. Works 10 hour overnight shifts during the weeks, on mostly during the weekends. Central Standard Time Zone (GMT-6) I used to be IG-Admin/ Forums Mod/ Discord Admin for Goldenscape (Utopia now) last year, took a leave of absence due to... dumb/ personal reasons. HOWEVER.. I am back. AND I do plan on making my way thru the staff ranks again.. watch out Rich, I'm coming
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