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  1. Utopia

    Update 2.4

    Added Global Boss points: Karik each kill gives 3 Points. Zamasu each kill gives 1 Points. Baium each kill gives 1 Points. Vote boss each kill gives 1 Points. Afk boss each kill gives 1 Points. Or you can use command ( ::globalshop ) Added Global Boss Points store: Added Sharingan Mage/Melee damage booster: Mage:(you can not use range weapons while using melee Sharingan booster). Melee: (you can not use range weapons while using melee Sharingan booster). Added Sharingan Mage/Melee damage boosters
  2. Utopia

    Update 2.3

    Lowered all item stats, Aoe damage, spell damage, and npc health by 10 times to make the game more balanced and to allow us to release more content in the future! Added New rank Investor: Cost 50K donator points. Added new Investor donator aura: 7% droprate. 2k stats. When you claim the investor rank you will get Investor aura, 10k donator points. Cash instance drop chance 1:750. Droprate 15%. Double droprate 15%. Pest control points per run: 80 points * 2. Have all other donator benefits. Fixed Instance manager, In
  3. Easter Update 2.2 Added ::easter zone Easter Shop Added 3 Colored cosmetic easter bunny sets Easter bunny pet Easter quest: Easter bunnys drops Every kill on easter zones gives 1x Easter points Quest rewards: 5000 Easter points, 250Q , 1 Elite Easter Spinner box Added Elite Easter Spinner box Added 7 Colored Easter bunny ears (cosmetics) Added Easter Lucky arrow (E)
  4. Thanks for awesome guides ❤️
  5. Thanks for awesome guides ❤️
  6. Update version 2.1 Added Ironman Zone. ::ironmanzone. Added Ironman tokens: Ironman zone store: Use this portal to join ironman bosses: 4 New ironman Bosses: All new bosses have 300M HP, Devil Witch have 750M HP. Drops: (50 players get drops). Common drops: Ironman tokens 1-5. Mage rare drops = mage weapons. Archer rare drops = range weapons. Melee rare drops = melee weapons. Devil Witch drops all 3 kind of combat style items. Mage boss: HP: 300M Weakness melee, range.
  7. Fixed Ironman, Raiden achievements. Edited player panels design. Changed Player owned stores currency to Q tickets, How you can claim your old bill ticket earnings? ::claimpos Removed all requirements for buu zone. Nerfed Zaken set multipliers from 3.0 to 2.8. Added banks to every training room. World bosses Karik, Baium, Fused Zamasu now drops guaranteed 25 Q tickets drop. Charm boxes are back on boss store! Updated item grinder with missing items. Updated armor & weapon guide link. Updated Golden Scratchcard loots. Added
  8. Accepted 100000000% welcome to the staff team!
  9. Utopia

    Update 1.9

    Added Lord Slug. Drops: Lord slug set 5 parts. 3.0* Multipliers. Replaced Galaxy Cell with Lord slug (on dbz hard raids). Added Pet Darkness Baium You can forge your pet baium now! Updated donation deals: Fixed Top-Don minigun droprate bonuses. Removed Draconic bow from store mbox loots. Fixed NPC Nomad droptable. Removed some npc requirements. Replaced KC requirements to playtime for some npcs. (Sora,Gogeta,Archangel,Janemba) New reqs: Sora = 60hours playtime. Gogeta = 10
  10. Added Item Grinder Data! You can check and find all grindable items and how much crystals you can get. Untradable. 15% dr, 30% ddr bonus. Damage based on dressed items. (25%) You can dress/undress your pet. Pet mini me helps you to kill npcs. (Banned items to dress: Owner capes, collector amulets) Added New Pet Zeno! (Battle pass 24level reward, also you can get this pet from HARD dragon ball reward chest). 25K npcs kills to reach battle pass level 24! Added New Server perks system (worldwide).
  11. Nice guide mate! You doing great!
  12. Added Item grinder. You can use your items on this object to grind it to Utopia Crystals. (If you have more than 1 same item on inventory, all will be grinded!) Added Item Grinder (item). You don`t need to travel to item grinder object if you have this. You can buy this item from crystal exchange or donator store. Added Utopia Crystals exchange store: Added new items grading system. (You cant trade, drop, bank and wear as a cosmetics graded items). Every grade gives : 1.2 * item stats. Max grade: +5.
  13. +1 from me will wait what others think.
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