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  3. Name(optional): Joachim In-game name: SirSpendAlot Age: 25 What is your timezone: UTC+2 What country are you from? Belgium How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): 3-5 hours every day( sometimes longer ),depending on holidays or overtime at work. How can you contribute to the server: I have a past expierence as Owner,admin,mod,support,developer(basics) I also have a lot of experience in dealing with people's problems,issues and any other complaints that they might hav
  4. amazing work, speachless is not the word!
  5. Update 2.8 All game npc`s drops crypto currencies! For members: Doge coin 1:250 chance. Ethereum 1:5000 chance. BTC 1:15000 chance. Added Option for Ironmans, hard core ironmans, gim players to upgrade ranks. Super donator > Sponsor 15% chance of succes 50 Soes per attemp. Sponsor > Super sponsor 10% chance of succes 100 Soes per attemp. Super sponsor > Diamond donator 5% chance of succes 250 Soes per attemp. Added Cyber-Truck Quest. (Reward: Pet Cyber Truck). Where to find quest npc? Talk with Cyber-Truck npc on Tesla zone.
  6. -1 so rood to me 😞
  7. Name(optional): Kevin In-game name: Spacey Age: 22 What is your timezone: https://gyazo.com/af3579fbdeb2e3f862d718968cfdf662 What country are you from? The Netherlands How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): atlesat 10 -20h a week How can you contribute to the server: ive been playing rs servers around 2 3 years now i have been multiple times , Server Supporter , Moderator iknow what the job means , good communiucation with the team , if players need helps help them straight away , just being creative and solve problems together as one ❤️ How
  8. Sick update! Keep it up:)
  9. Added Event-Boss Karthus. (50 Guaruanteed drops) Drops: Event managers/Youtubers can spawn it. ::eventboss or ::eb to acces that zone. God pots, owner capes, isnt available on this zone. Added Karthus Set. Gradable: 2.5* Bonus multiplier. Added Cosmetic Karthus scythe. Added New Event Box. Added New Vote boss Jinx. Drops: Added Jinx gear. 3.5* damage multiplier, 2k bonuses each part. Gradable. Added Jinx Cannon. 8% dr, 7% ddr, AOE. Added Holy Water.
  10. Name(optional): Tom In-game name: Tom Age: 22 What is your timezone: GMT What country are you from? United Kingdom How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): anywhere from 5-10 hours a day (depending if im at work) How can you contribute to the server: I know quite a lot about the sever i've played since GS i help people as much as i can rn and i do anything i can possibly do to benefit the server. How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): What can you bring to the table that others can't: Proper English, just kidding however I am
  11. Very nice clean guide thank you for contributing
  12. This guide is for all new players who are struggling to make their startup cash, here you will find everything you need to succeed in the Utopian world. Before getting started on this guide i really encourage everyone to check out this Beginner's guide! - Miscellaneous Guides - Utopia-RSPS before you do if you are a brand new player! Now lets begin! Location #1: Raditz. Requirements: Elite void set, venom staff/god's minigun or equivalent. Looking for: Raditz set pieces=60-80q each and sell quite easily, also can be used for the Raditz quest which has very lucrative
  13. Thank you, trying to clear up the way for new comers
  14. Very nice guide. Was very easy to read through. Very user friendly. Thank you for the contribution.
  15. In this guide you will find some of the most important things to know for all new players! If ever in doubt of the commands simply type in ::commands and it will pull up all our helpful commands as well as zone commands. If ever in doubt on how to access the server guides press ctrl+g in game and it will pull up most of the guides we have here in Utopia as well as you can go to the forum on web and they will all be there under the guides section. As a quick tool you can also type in ::bis and it will provide you with an in game tab which shows all stats
  16. Thank you Atem! i appreciate that!
  17. Added Tesla zone. Added Elon Musk Npc: Requirements to attack: 500 Donald Trump kills. Drops: Added Tesla Aura: How to get it? You have to get Tesla aura (u) from Elon musk npc, collect 10k coal bags, 10k soes, 500q, and 75k monster fragments to combine your aura!. Added Flamethrower: AOE Added Cybertruck object: Nice quest coming soon! Added Elon Musk cosmetics set: Added June Mystery spinner box on donate store. Added Alain Amulet to
  18. +3 i have seem you on alot i think you would make a great addition to the team
  19. +1 on this other members applications are a head of you so please be patient
  20. In-game name: Rizzerz Age: 26 What is your timezone: USA EST TIME ZONE What country are you from? Nationality i am from Pakistan, reside in the USA How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): I am on almost all day honestly, i have over 400 hours played, I even play when im at work LOL. How can you contribute to the server: i have learned alot about the server with the time ive played and i think i can help alot of new comers into the server. I hand out bonds once in a while to new comes also. How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): Attached
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