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    Update 2.3

    Lowered all item stats, Aoe damage, spell damage, and npc health by 10 times to make the game more balanced and to allow us to release more content in the future! Added New rank Investor: Cost 50K donator points. Added new Investor donator aura: 7% droprate. 2k stats. When you claim the investor rank you will get Investor aura, 10k donator points. Cash instance drop chance 1:750. Droprate 15%. Double droprate 15%. Pest control points per run: 80 points * 2. Have all other donator benefits. Fixed Instance manager, In
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  5. Dbz Raids Guide Welcome to the Dbz Raids Guide. This guide will show you how the raids works, how to complete them and their rewards. If there's anything missing or stated incorrectly, please contact Yahtzee#9569 on Discord. The Dbz Raids is as the name suggests a Dbz themed raid. This raid offers 3 difficulties to choose from. Each difficulty comes with new bosses to kill and better rewards for higher difficulties. To complete a raid, you have to clear all the waves. While it's possible to solo each difficulty, it's highly recommended doing it with others to speed up the kills
  6. Thank you for another awesome guide, Yahtzee! Looks awesome! Very thorough!
  7. Name(optional): Trey or somethin like that In-game name: Trey Age: 21 What is your timezone: EDT What country are you from? USA How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): As some of you may know if not all i stepped down from my position because i wasn't as free too play but i have more time too play now (Can do 2-3+) How can you contribute to the server: I don't think i have too answer this question because the staff team knows me 😂 How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): Enough hours too make someone judge me What can you bring
  8. Not just off of positivity no, but someone who influences and guides players too isnt just being positive they are being productive. I mean i could tell you about all the places iv been (server wise) and what roles iv had there but that'd bore you and mean nothing, iv been in the rsps game for like 15 years but only like being in the roles of the community (playing not developing) i have a high sense of loyalty and respect for servers i like and id really like to see this server what it deserves which means keeping players happy here and not driving them away so for that one reason positivity
  9. I understand what you are trying to say and Utopia should always be a positive environment. However, do you believe someone should be promoted due to their positivity?
  10. i agree i could have been a little more enthusiastic upon the section which means most to you guys! For what it worth i can bring laughs jokes and banter to make everyone happy with their time here at utopia... im so down to earth i could turn your miserabilist day into one of the best days of your life thats jsut the effect i have on people.... no negativity just positivity and creativity!
  11. Hey dude, You do seem very determined and seem to really want this position. However, I don't appreciate that you still think of yourself as new. You stated: " mostly, activity, and just to be there for players who either struggle or just need guidance as i'm pretty new my self still." Please note that the category of " What can you bring to the table that other's can't" is a very important category that the staff team looks into. When filling out this category, we look for something NEW and being there for players who either struggle or need guidance isn't really selling me that feeling
  12. Name(optional): Josh Eatock In-game name: Age: The Kid What is your timezone: UK GMT LONDON What country are you from? Manchester, England How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): At the minute i spend around 8-12 hours a day on the server so i'd suppose that'd suffice as enough time to help and support the server! How can you contribute to the server: I can mearly help and push people to grind just like i do hopefully get them to enjoy the game as much as i still do.. always being active, helpful and mostly honest is just another on
  13. HI , iM BABY EVIL. 18 years old Welcome.
  14. Hello Utopia! Fuel here, or you can just call me Luke. I stumbled across this lovely community while surfing through Runelocus & my Emails & seen this advertised there so I thought why not give it a shot & happy I did loving the server so much, it's addicting. I'm 28, currently living in the land down under (Australia) - I have a third Daughter on the way in July & I cannot wait for that. In my spare time if I'm not online, I'll be found outside in the shed working on a project car I bought from a shell & have managed to do a fair bit on it already. I'm
  15. Nice one fam Keep it Up !
  16. Easter Update 2.2 Added ::easter zone Easter Shop Added 3 Colored cosmetic easter bunny sets Easter bunny pet Easter quest: Easter bunnys drops Every kill on easter zones gives 1x Easter points Quest rewards: 5000 Easter points, 250Q , 1 Elite Easter Spinner box Added Elite Easter Spinner box Added 7 Colored Easter bunny ears (cosmetics) Added Easter Lucky arrow (E)
  17. Among Us Guide Hello and welcome. This guide will show you how the Among Us minigame works and if it's worth grinding. Note: I will add a few gear setups that are recommended to use later. About Among Us Among Us is a minigame based of the real game. Here, you have to kill certain amount of Among Us NPC's to unlock the next zone. This minigame offers a nice way to grind some cash early on and if lucky some rare rewards from the Imposter Boss (will talk more about that later). Each new zone offers more cash per kill, which makes it more profitable in the later zones than
  18. Thanks for awesome guides ❤️
  19. Thanks for awesome guides ❤️
  20. Guide Index If you want a guide to be added, please contact Yahtzee on Discord (Yahtzee#9569) Tip: if you want to open a guide in a new tab instead of being redirected to it, hover over it and click your middle mouse (scroll wheel) button, or hold Ctrl and then left-click on a link. Guides: Official Price List Guide Among Us Guide Weeds Guide Starter Guide Clue Scroll Guide Armor & Equipment Guide Recommended Gear Setups Guide Bonus Sets Guide Donator Benefits Guide Xp Lamps & Effigy Guide Skilling/Maxing Gu
  21. Grading Guide This guide will explain how the grading system works in Utopia. What is grading and what does it do? Grading is a fairly new addition to the game where you can further upgrade your gear. Grading items increases their stats. They can give you a massive boost in damage which will help you farm those endgame bosses in the game easier. How to grade items? You can grade items by using a duplicate item of the one you want to grade. So for example, if you have 2 Owner Swords, you can use one on the other to grade it. That's all there is to it. Be aware though,
  22. Guide Index The guide index can be found here, or by using Ctrl+i in game. Recommended Gear Setups guide This guide will show you some gear setups that you can aim for in each stage of the game. The gear setups are some of the most popular sets to get. Please note that this guide is more of a guide-line/base-line of what your gear setups could look like and give you an idea of what upgrades to go for next. There are simply too many setups to list and there are plenty of gear setups that aren't shown here but would work just fine. You don't need to have these specific s
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