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  2. Droprate tiers tier 1: circled in red tier 2: circled in blue tier 2: circled in black Artifact menu artifact menu tab is circled in red Tier one: green is 25%, yellow is 50%, blue is 75% Tier 2: red and black is 25%, red is 50%, brown is 75% Tier 3: purple is 25%, red and black is 50%, blue is 75% ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. 2021 Christmas event quests guide For this year's Christmas event, there will be 4 quests to complete. For each quest you get 5-10k Christmas points and a Christmas box. The Christmas points can be spend at the Christmas store. Completing all the quests will unlock the Christmas Zone where you can farm various monsters. For more information about the Christmas zone & npcs, please read the forums post for Update version 4.0. Christmas Store 1 & 2 Christmas box rewards ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…Update update version 4.0 Christmas.๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„ Christmas Quest: First Quest: Elf Presents. Teleport to Lumbridge: Come back to Santa to claim your Elf Presents reward. Rewards: 2500 Christmas Points. 1 Christmas Box. 5$ bond. Second Quest: The Grinch . Bring Santa all 4 Christmas tree decorations and to receive your rewards! Rewards: 5000 Christmas points. 1 Christmas Box. 10$ bond. Third Quest: The Snowmaker Machine.
  5. Name(optional): Dillon, but y'all can call me Daddy ๐Ÿ˜‰ In-game name: Yizha (rngesus) Age: 22 What is your timezone: Central Standard Time. (GMT-6) What country are you from? Canada How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): 1min to 10 hours... idk I got a lot of free time. How can you contribute to the server: well I think being an active player contributes a lot, and voting. How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): Since GoldenScape What can you bring to the table that others can't: Order & Control / Discord/Google Advertising.
  6. Updated guide for 3.9
  7. Very nice update! ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Update version 3.9 Added second floor of Endgame, Predator slayer. 2 portals: 1 Near on Exodia. 1 Near True Devil: Added second sneaky second zone. Changed Donation deals items. Added new Black Friday box. (only for 3 days). (Every 100$ donated on black friday weekend will give you 1 box, 100$ = 1box , 200$ = 2box, 300$ = 3box) Replaced Autumn spinner box with Winter. Updated Daily login rewards. Updated Mythical chest rewards. Updated Olm minigame chest
  9. Updated this guide. I vaguely remembered some changes made to some of the weed strains. These changes were posted on Discord, but not on the forums. Update patch note from Discord:
  10. (This guide is for using donator points efficiently to progress throughout the game by collecting bonds.) Donator Store 1. This is the first store in the donator point store accessed by right clicking the donator store npc north west of ::home. Donator Store 2. This is the 2nd donator point store accessible by right clicking the donator store npc. What to get first from donator store The first things recommended to be saving your bonds and donator point to buy from the donator point shop, are eithe
  11. (there is no particular order in which you should be killing these npc it is up to you to decide that) Sneaky Zone Sneakyzone npc drop tables Droprate warrior rare warrior Defensive warrior offensive warrior Box loots Mid Offensive boxes: Mid Droprate boxes: Mid defensive boxes: Mid rare boxes: Endgame Slayer Endgame Sl
  12. (This list is in no particular order) 1. Hard DBZ raids - 40k kill count required Hard DBZ raids contain 4 waves where the 3 first waves contain many different mobs and the last wave is a boss fight! The top damager of the raid will gain 2x Hard DBZ raid key. Recommend using a God pot 2. League of legends minigame raids (50k npckills)lol minigame offers a variety of loot, which are good for grinding to get items from the grind shop for overall progression! Or to use yourself. Most of the armors are cosmetic but the weapons got stats and some are really good li
  13. 1. First things first, work on completing ::train and ::startertasks, to get basic gear and a rank (also voting for the server can be a viable way to make money at the beginning) 2. World bosses reward u with 25Q per kill as well and all u have to do is get 1 hit in to be eligible for a drop! There are 2 world bosses that require playtime which are: Fused Zamasu and Karik you need 20 hours of playtime to be able to go to both of them but for the rest of the daily world bosses: ( Frieza, Baium and Grim Vision you do not need any playtime or kill count. R
  14. Update version 3.8 Added new Sneaky zone: ::sneaky or Sneaky zone map: 4 Rooms: Rare warrior: 50M HP Drops: Defensive warrior: 50M HP Drops: Offensive warrior: 50M HP Drops: Droprate warrior: 50M HP Drops: Changed all 4 npc cash drops to: Every 500 kills of sneaky zone you will get 1 random box from 4. Added Elite versions of all those 4 npcs. 250M HP. 1:700 chance to spawn elite npc.
  15. Added new Godly Donator rank 40% droprate, 25% double droprate. 2* Daily rewards. 2* Crystals on item grinder. Added New Godly raids minigames. (For Godly donators) Owner capes allowed. (Dont recommending to use on final boss, it can cause the crash of raid) 3 Kind of raids: Big Mama raid. (Defeat all big mamas children) (Total 4 waves, 3 waves of npcs and fourt Big Mama boss) Big mama boss: Rewards: Big mama reward box (Top-Damager gets 2 box) Marvels raid. (Defeat all marvels characters)
  16. Added Halloween Quest! Talk with Vampire on ::hween to start the quest. Ghost palace quest part. Location: Wilderness 3 Ghosts. Drops: Ghostly key parts 1-3. (untradable) Blue: Black White Bring all 3 key parts to the Furnace. (Run North) First quest item received! Go back to talk with Vampire. Rewards: 5000 Pumpkin tokens. You can chose 1 from 3 Ghostly cosmetic gears: Purple: Grey: Green: Secon
  17. Added new Treasure-Hunter Minigame. Requirements: 300 hours playtime, 100K Npcs kills. Red sacrophagus: Search red sacrophagus: First boss Devil Asher: 200M hp, have imune to Melee. Combat script: Before warning you need to avoid projectile, other ways you will get one hit. Next room: Search cyan sacrophagus: Second boss Cthulu 200M hp, have imune to Range. Combat script: Before warning you need to avoid projectile, other ways you will get one hit. Next room: Search cyan
  18. Name(optional): johnny sins In-game name: julio (aka big zaddy or monkie) Age: 20 something What is your timezone: pst What country are you from? the U.S of mothafuckin A baby How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): Ingame anywhere from 4-24 hrs a day (remote play while at work) discord always open How can you contribute to the server: I can help here and there, my biggest bonus is the actual just the amount of time i have avalible to spend ingame. Outside of that idk ^also im monkie so if u give me banana ill do^ cool tri
  19. Hey can you pm me on discord khabib#3019
  20. Hi there, i want to start playing this but donโ€™t know how to run the launcher or get running, i have win.RAR and i canโ€™t remember what to do from there
  21. Update version 3.4 Added hoverable buttons on CTRL + S, slayer teleport interface. Reworked Slayer. New Slayer zone: Slayer Tower You cant use owner cape on slayer zone. You cant attack slayer npcs if its not your current slayer task. Added Kills tracker: (only works on slayer zone). Added Slayer keys: Added slayer keys to slayer store. There is 3 type of slayer npcs: Low tier (Vannaka/Duradel). Have 1:1500 chance to drop slayer key. Medium tier (Kuradel/Sumona). Have 1:1000 chance to drop slayer
  22. New update 3.3 Changed Type of Cash box, Elite cash box, Soes box, Elite soes box, Caskets(Added open-all option). Reworked Serverperks: Added new 25% droprate perk worldwide! Cost 1000q (3H) Changed slayer perk time to 3hours. Changed Double drops perk price to 6QT was 2QT. (Changed time to 6hours) Added new utopia icon on teleport interface opening button. Reworked AFK zone. ::afkzone , ::afk Reworked AFK zone stores. Now AFK tree will give you afk logs that you can spend on AFK logs s
  23. Changed colors of ctrl + hover stats. Added HP above head! (changing colors, lowest hp red, highest green) Fixed NPC`s health bars above head! Removed Inventory droprate items. Added droprate Artifacts pocket. You can acces by clicking button. Complete whole collection and get extra 50% droprate boost. Added New Droprate Artifacts. 2 more 25%. 2 more 50%. 2 more 75%. You can get those by upgrading first artifacts. Added more ways to get first artifacts. Do
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