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    • Name(optional): Joachim   In-game name: SirSpendAlot   Age: 25   What is your timezone: UTC+2   What country are you from? Belgium   How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): 3-5 hours every day( sometimes longer ),depending on holidays or overtime at work.   How can you contribute to the server:  I have a past expierence as Owner,admin,mod,support,developer(basics) I also have a lot of experience in dealing with people's problems,issues and any other complaints that they might have. i will always try to help the best i can and always try to be where i can to assist people that are requesting help and or information  i always go check out new servers for potential new content(with a twist, not a copy). i have alot of ideas for content and will always help think about new content/creating it.   How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): What can you bring to the table that others can't: As stated above i have experience as owner and basic development, i know what it takes to maintain and keep up a server, therefore i will always act according to what's best for the server itself,may it be recruiting potential youtubers or assist players .   How are you dealing with problems: i have had my fair share of problems back in the day. I have always tried to keep the head cool and think about the situation and its potential consiquences that may follow. as role of support i will always act to what's best for the server. if there is a problem i cannot fix i will always ask higher ranks how we can fix it and if someone else needs to be involved in the situation.   How are you with dealing with people: this always depends on the issue and the person itself. if it's an active player that has had no warnings in the past i will kindly remind them our policy and rules. if it's a newer player that is very toxic from the start of his journey on our server,he will be taken apart and spoken to about the rules. if it's a player that has had multiple warnings,be firm and strict about our rule policy and if not followed actions will be taken. i will never act on my own judgement for heavier punishments,i will always ask for a higher rank to come and see what they think about the situation and if needed the actions taken. i will always talk before i act,see what's its about and then make my decision on what we do next.  i will never act without approval of higher ranks unless absolutley necessary ( mute/jail/kick for spamming or toxicity ).   if there are any other question regarding the application,feel free to pm me on discord ( Angrynoodle#4098 ) or in game ( Sirspendalot )   THANKS AND SEE YOU IN GAME !   
    • amazing work, speachless is not the word!  
    • Update 2.8 All game npc`s drops crypto currencies! For members: Doge coin 1:250 chance. Ethereum 1:5000 chance. BTC 1:15000 chance.   Added Option for Ironmans, hard core ironmans, gim players to upgrade ranks. Super donator > Sponsor 15% chance of succes 50 Soes per attemp. Sponsor > Super sponsor 10% chance of succes 100 Soes per attemp. Super sponsor > Diamond donator 5% chance of succes 250 Soes per attemp.   Added Cyber-Truck Quest. (Reward: Pet Cyber Truck). Where to find quest npc? Talk with Cyber-Truck npc on Tesla zone. Added Pet Cyber Truck.   Added New Among Us (Dusk) trophy. 3.0K Stats. You need all other among us trophys + dusk dye to combine it to Dusk trophy.   Added Endgame Slayer Master. To skip endgame task cost 10QT. Endgame Tasks: Elon Musk Kotal Kahn Merlin Escanor Meliodas Ban Oozaru Lord Slug Meruem Exiled saiyan Kurapika Endgame tasks gives 2x Slayer points than Predator slayer master. Added Slayer ticket ( to get acces to endgame slayer) Untradable. Added Endgame slayer ticket to Q store:   Added Cosmetic Party-Pette set, you have chance to earn those parts by poping balloons on party room! 1:500. When you pop the balloons on party room, loot goes straight to your inventory!   Added KC requirements on endgame progressions, you cant go thru all zones now! you have to finish first progression to be able to kill second zone npcs.   Added Store mystery box upgrade to goodie box. 5% chance of succes 500 soes per attemp. Added Dbz spinner box box upgrade to elite dbz spinner box. 5% chance of succes 500 soes per attemp.   Updated Ingame Vote Store. Added Server-Perks channel on discord, When someone will active server-perk message will be auto sended to  discord channel, with perk type and time.   Added Crystal Draconic Bow: (Gradable) 15648. Difference from regular draconic bow: Bigger AOE radius, 5k stats, Graded amount of crystals) Added Kurapika: 350Hours Requirement to acces. (No Owner cape)   Drops: Added 5 Colored Kurapika capes (you need all 5 to combine the completed version). Stats on 5 colored capes: 5% dr, 5% ddr. Added Kurapika cape (Completed version). 7% dr, 7% ddr. First Gradable Cape. How to get it? Added Kurapika Sword: (Gradeable) Added Kurapika gear: 3.5* Bonus set multiplier, need to wear completed aura. Gradable.   Reworked Frost Dragon Instance with Ice Queen. Drops: Random 1:100.  Added Ice Queen love aura: 7% Dr, 5% Ddr. Added Ice Queen Set:   Replaced Frost Dragon Eggs with Frost Crystals. (100 Crystals to enter instance) Ice Queen combat script: Theres a safespot tile attack and a mass tile attack, when it's doing the mass tile attack the player must stay on tile that aren't highlighted with gfx, if theres a safespot attack then player must stay in one of those safespots, if they do not they get damaged Removed Frost dragon gear from custom combiner. Removed Pheonix dragon gear from custom combiner. Added Frost-Dragon Npc for achievement and progressions near chaos elemental on wildy ::chaoselemental   Added Rickles-Uber World boss. Every boss kills gives guaruanteed 1 BNB token, 3 Global boss points. ::rub zone to teleport to portal. Enter costs 10 Doge coins. Boss spawns every 7 hours, also our Creative-Dev &  Event managers can spawn boss 4 times per day more! Drops: Raredrops: Rickles Custom set, mage, melee key blades, minigun, shield, aura, draconic bow, crystal draconic bow.   Added BNB Tokens.   Added New Game Settings panel. With saving on account! Features: Change fog color, fog start value, change texture moving speed, change distance,    Added Discord Bot Connected with the server, for more daily rewards! Replaced June Spinner box with July.   Added Youpi: Drops: Added Youpi Set: Added Pet Youpi: Added Youpi cape: 6% dr, 5% ddr.   Gim player can grade items from now! Fixed group ironmans, sometimes it wasnt get any points for doing tasks. Added Ban, Merlin NPCS to owner cape zone. Removed Shannon wings from donator store. Added 5 colored OC dyes to donator store. Increased Endgame Progression rewards, increased store mbox rewards to 10-15 boxes per task, and 3 goodies instead of 1. Endgame progressions zone is now multi zone! Bitcoin Shield is now gradable! (Only with grade scrolls) Changed Ironman bosses respawn time to 35 seconds was 120. Changed Deadpool respawn time to 15 seconds was 30. Changed Donald Trump respawn time to 35 seconds was 90. Bringed back Owner spinner boxes to Merlin and Progression Merlin drops. Bringed back 25$ scrolls to Ban and Progression Ban drops. Added Smoke diamonds to ironman statue store. Divine Axe Rhitta is now AOE weapon. Ring of Infinity is now gradable! Replaced ring on Infinity with Lucky arrow (u), 25$ scroll with goodie box on wheel fortune spinner box! Tank instance drops is back on rare annoucements! Fixed Merlin orb examine message. Replaced Majin ring with Beerus ring on event box. Removed the limit on rewards you can claim for golden dbz quest. Changed TimeChamber Easy,Medium,Hard raids next wave time to 1 second, was 5 seconds. Replaced Baium,Karik,Zamasu S2 battle pass drops with S3 Battle pass! Edited Prices on crypto Exchange Doge,ETH, BTC. Removed Naruto from graded items list. Added Logout logs. Added Crypto currency drop logs. Added Kick Logs.  
    • -1 so rood to me 😞
    • Name(optional): Kevin In-game name: Spacey Age: 22 What is your timezone:  https://gyazo.com/af3579fbdeb2e3f862d718968cfdf662 What country are you from? The Netherlands How much time can you spend on the server (avrg.): atlesat 10 -20h a week How can you contribute to the server: ive been playing rs servers around 2 3 years now i have been multiple times , Server Supporter , Moderator iknow what the job means , good communiucation with the team , if players need helps help them straight away , just being creative and solve problems together as one ❤️ How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): https://gyazo.com/97f2b14e8d446c87b2e102c4aabdf4ea What can you bring to the table that others can't: being me self and being creative with haveing fun as a familiy , thinking of new ideas (bigones) for the server How are you dealing with problems: make it short , dont go argue about it solve it quick and done job. How are you with dealing with people: iignore.
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