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    • Updated guide for 3.9
    • Very nice update! 🙂  
    • Update version 3.9   Added second floor of Endgame, Predator slayer. 2 portals: 1 Near on Exodia. 1 Near True Devil:   Added second sneaky second zone.   Changed Donation deals items. Added new Black Friday box. (only for 3 days). (Every 100$ donated on black friday weekend will give you 1 box, 100$ = 1box , 200$ = 2box, 300$ = 3box) Replaced Autumn spinner box with Winter. Updated Daily login rewards. Updated Mythical chest rewards. Updated Olm minigame chest rewards. Replaced Fat Buu with Black Goku Rose. Added Black Goku Rose set. (Gradable). 3.3* Bonus set multiplier. 140% bonus droprate. Added Black Goku Rose staff. (Gradable). 8% dr & 8% ddr Updated Majin treasure chest loots. Updated Hard Dbz treasure chest loots. Added godly rank player announcement when logging in Rewamped Slayer box. Rewamped Elite Slayer box.   Well of Goodwill when active will give now 50% more Battle pass expierence, 20% double drop rate, Triple expierence Worldwide!   Added new gradable items: Added Particles to: Crystal Draconic Bow: Godly Bow: Black Goku Rose staff: Owner sword: Divine axe Rhitta:   Switched those 2 tabs.  Fixes & Changes: Lowered endgame slayer ticket price to 5QT. Lowered endgame slayer task skip price to 3QT was 10QT. Added Endgame slayer ticket, Crystal dbow, Eternic crosboww, Eternic 2h, Darkness baium, Reg baium, Baium ring, Zamasu pieces, Meliodas pieces, Item grinder, S3 battle pass to junk store.   Increased all cash zone cash drops. Kakashi now is for all players not only for investors +. Lowered Karik attack bonuses & attack speed. Lowered Baium drop rates. Lowered Meliodas drop rates. Lowered Zamasu drop rates. Lowered Sora drop rates. Lowered Archangel NPC drop rates. Lol raids npcs gives now 1-2 tokens instead of 1. Disabled gambling. Dicebags, seeds. (Will active auto gambling 1 day per week.) Added Jiren Set parts to grinder data. Added Droprate scrolls to item grinder data. Removed Server perks discord channel. Removed Fumus, Deadpul, Joker, Soulscreamer, Venom, Helicopter. Removed Halloween boss, Halloween pumpkin mine, Halloween zone. Fixed all discord logs. Lowered Slayer shop prices.  Lowered League of legends store prices. (by half) Lowered Hard Dbz raid npc hp. Fixed Server perks, after timer its not active anymore. You can not use cannon tower on sneaky zone anymore. Pest control is not AOE anymore. Fixed pet spawning on lol minigame. Fixed weed store. Added Primal War god body to grinder data. You cant use tank & cash instances on jail anymore. Lowered slayer tasks amounts by half. Daily task skips doesnt count as a task anymore.
    • Updated this guide. I vaguely remembered some changes made to some of the weed strains. These changes were posted on Discord, but not on the forums.  Update patch note from Discord:  
    • (This guide is for using donator points efficiently to progress throughout the game by collecting bonds.)   Donator Store 1. This is the first store in the donator point store accessed by right clicking the donator store npc north west of ::home.        Donator Store 2. This is the 2nd donator point store accessible by right clicking the donator store npc.   What to get first from donator store   The first things recommended to be saving your bonds and donator point to buy from the donator point shop, are either top donator rank($250) or owner cape ($450)   Top donator benefits  ($250) Top donator rank due to the ranks zone/ranks drop rate benefits, in top donator zone you can grind top donator points to you at tops donator store (shown in picture) this provides an easier way to obtain $10 bonds and decent mid-game gear upgrades for grinds  or weapon and gear. (1 top donator point per kill)   Owner cape benefits ($450)   Owner cape provides its own unique zone that has 2 levels filled with various mid-end game npcs (first level oc zone used for mid-late game armour/weps and grindable items, level 2 oc zone is more late-endgame npc’s for weapons/armour/grindables and bonds) Owner cape zone also provides some of the best battlepass xp per hour till contributors zone!    Owner cape stats   Owner cape provides 7m bonuses in all offensive stats, 7 drop rate and 7ddr.   After obtaining both owner cape/top donator rank   Once you have worked your way through getting owner cape and top donator rank your next focus should be on getting the purple goku set and shield from donator point shop for $400 (circled in red below) .        The purple goku set gives 149%(w/o shield 156% with shield) dr 0% ddr and 2k stats per piece for a 10k total or 11.5k total with shield.(gradable with grade scrolls)     Once done acquiring all three of those items front here the best items to further pursue from donator store.   After acquiring all three of the previously listed items from donator point store your next goals are really up to you needs vary, pursuing contributors rank($1000) or goldy rank ($2000) is recommend but you can also get grade scrolls ($50) to increase your dps/ drop rate artifacts (25% $150, 50% $300 75% $600) to increase your drop rate / or lease recommended buying  the battle pass ($250).   I hope this guide has helped in progressing you through the game/ what to get form donator point store to benefit you! -love, le monke julio
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