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    • Hello  So you wanna play ironman on utopia? I have about 80 hours played as an ironman on utopia and it was quite hard knowing what to do as a new player. So with this guide i wanna help set a path for New ironman players to know where and when to progress what! 1 Getting started - ::train is an easy and efficent way of getting your early levels done.  ::startertasks are insanely good to complete early on aswel. it will give you huge damage boost! 2 Now when you got your regular void aswel as thunder´s staff you can start working on ::Starterraids I highly suggest for you to do starterraids for aslong as you can. its more important then working on slayer at this point. Starter raids can give you alot of early items that will boost you well into mid tier. but the drawback is that you only can do ::Starterraids intil 1500 npc kc After you have reach 1500 kc you can no longer enter starter raids. 3 Solo easy raids I suggest when you no longer can do starter raids go do 9 solo EASY raids, For this you will need your void you got from the startertasks aswel as 3 diffrent attack styles. Melee,range,magic Soul split -> Required. after completed 9 raids you will have 100 solo raid points and you can go buy the pet BarrelChest Pet. it has an insane damage multiplier so i strongly recommend getting that before progressing higher. 3.1 Skilling Max Cape is one of the best capes in game so getting it early game will give a huge stat boost. To unlock the max cape you need to reach a total of 3000 total level / 120 in all skills this may sound as a struggle but hear me out. Theres multiple pets that gives you bonus experiance into skilling ( You can look into that by going to the pet guide on site ) Weekends also gets you bonus experiance and these 2 stack together. Voteing can also give you bonus experiance if you want to spend it on that. With all 3 active its no more the 20 min a skill to reach 120. Follow the skilling guide on site for easy rotation on how to work your skills up. The skill cape can be bought at veteran at ::home. 3.2 Slayer Slayer as an ironman is one of our best ways to farm out our gear upgrades in form of Toxic/Gold void! I suggest working on slayer betwin your skilling grinds, sense slayer is a skill aswel. when farming points on Wensdays normaly is a x2 slayer point event active so when point farming do it as much as you can on wensdays. 3.3 Work on ur ::Progressions  Search out easy tasks to complete and complete em as you go, this will give you blue hearts aswel as other boxes  3.4 Spend ur cash! Ironman has the benefit of a store in home ( IRONMAN STORE ) he sells all types of items like Soes or gems aswel as bluehearts. my suggestion is that u start with buying a collectors aura aswel as a collectors amulet. aura is 25q Amulet is 18q 3.5 Recommended World bosses world bosses spawns every hour or so. these bosses are great to do for some easy cash gains. 4 Weapons! Im pretty sure at this point u quite tired of useing thunder´s staff or even z500s upgraded. So my suggestion is that you atlest have toxic void and either thunder´s or z500s with barrelchest pet. Teleport to shia and start grinding out shia´s bow its an insane mid tier weapon that will boost your damage So my recommendation - Shia´s bow! 4.1 Armor its now time for u to leave your toxic void behind and start working on your cyan void! Cyan void is the best void tier there is and is great for early late game! Sense the slayer master sells gold void we wont have to struggle alot with lower tier upgrades to reach cyan. But now we have to farm out Scroll of enchant insted. And the best way to do this is very easy.  you teleport to customs and start doing raichu´s or lugies u will need a total of about 2k Scrolls with no fail upgrades to get full cyan void! 4.2 - Recommended Rings Thanos has a chance to drop thanos ring it increases all ur stats by 5k aswel as a 4% droprate bonus! i would suggest farming it out sense it will last u quite a while! Good luck fellow ironmans  sorry if the guide is abit rough but its my first guide. If u need any ingame help with your ironman just pm my ign - SIMP and lets pray all the drops be with you!  
    • Thanks for all the support guys! Means so much!
    • +1 nice application  Even if you get staff you are a noob 😉  
    • I readed this app twice because i really like how you did answer those questions.  I see alot of things back in you from what i readed here. What i mostly like is how original this app is, well done! The only thing is your playtime but you already know alot of Utopia. I mean thats what i noticed. I saw you did help alot of new players out by saying the right things. Keep doing this!  Oh and Next time, dont put your head in the fridge 🥶 this app is ice cold! +1 from me 💯  
    • Just an update of my hours ( Not a single hour spent afk ) 
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