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    • Lowered all item stats, Aoe damage, spell damage, and npc health by 10 times to make the game more balanced and to allow us to release more content in the future!     Added New rank Investor: Cost 50K donator points. Added new Investor donator aura: 7% droprate. 2k stats. When you claim the investor rank you will get Investor aura, 10k donator points. Cash instance drop chance 1:750. Droprate 15%. Double droprate 15%. Pest control points per run: 80 points * 2. Have all other donator benefits. Fixed Instance manager, Investor donators can use new instance manager!     Updated Vote Boss rewards. It now drops 25Q tickets guaranteed and other cool stuff. Updated Dead Island minigame. Added Dead island sword Updated chest: Added New Dead island boss. Boss spawns 3 minions when he reach 50% of hp.   Minion: Have protection to range, mage attacks, so you must use Melee attacks. Reworked zombie minigame.  Increased size of the map.  All sessions instanced. Added new zombie boss Juggernaut.     Added Zombie Crusher minigun (AOE) Updated zombie minigame store.   Updated Pest Control minigame. Replaced void knight with Arthur Pendragon. Added Arthur Pendragon set and sword to pest control store. Added Arthur Pendragon sword. Arthur pendragon set: 2.7* bonus multiplier. (works same as void sets, you don't need the cape to get the set multiplier) Added Arthur Pendragon cape:   Added Best In slot interface (best stats item in slot). ::Bis or in the blue skull tab. Added new show drops interface: Added Itachi Uchiha set (cosmetic) on afk store.   Updated Easy soloraids treasure chest loots: Changed type of soloraid award box, added new awards: Reworked Olms minigame, added regular cash drops to all npcs, replaced chest rewards with new ones! Infernal wizard now drops: Custom olm minion drops: Custom olm drops: Updated chest loots:  Added new mini global boss Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins.  180Hours playtime required. He can use cast a purple magic spell that you have to avoid. If the spell hits you, you will die. There are 5 spawnpoints in the area. After he casts the purple spell, Meliodas will teleport to a different  spot.  Meliodas drops: Added Meliodas staff. (200k spell damage, AoE range similar as God's Minigun) Added Meliodas set 5 parts. (BIS mage set) 3.2 Damage multiplier. Added Meliodas Wings.   Updated Defenders minigame. First defender: Teddy bear Second defender: Purple teddy bear Third defender: Legacy shield Fourth defender: Skittlez Fifth defender: Kabal sickle Sixth defender: Zaken offhand Seventh (final) defender: Bitcoin shield   Added bitcoin shield:   Added new Discord booster aura. (Collector) You can get this by boosting the Discord Server.   Interfaces now works 10 times faster.  Before                                                                                                                         After  Before                                                                                                                         After Void set bonuses have been changed for balancing: Regular Void: 1.1* Elite Void: 1.3* Toxic Void: 1.5* Golden Void: 1.8* Cyan Void: 2.0*   Buffed ::moneyzone. Increased cash drops for Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom, and Mojojojo by 10 times. Updated Money zone boss drops:   Added Kakashi: Investor donators can access this zone! Added Kakashi range set: Drops: Changes & Bug Fixes Fixed Vannaka and Duradel slayer tasks. Vote scrolls now gives hour bonus expierence instead of 10 minutes. Escanor and Meruem sets are now gradable. Fixed void bonus set multipliers on equipment tab. Added 5$, 10$, 25$ scrolls, wheel of fortune box, store mbox, beerus ring to rare mmk minigame droptable. Removed barrows minigame from teleports. Removed cage match from teleports. Removed 1 wave from Medium dbz raids. Removed 1 wave from Hard dbz raids. Removed easter event zone. Removed easter npcs. (You can find easter store at home ::shops location.) Fixed Collection log, now shows all npcs on the list.  You cant use sprites or images on yell anymore. Group ironman members now can grade items! Fixed Bill tickets switching to q tickets, no more tickets steals! Increased speed of zeus mage weapon. Increased infinity gauntlet speed.
    • Dbz Raids Guide Welcome to the Dbz Raids Guide. This guide will show you how the raids works, how to complete them and their rewards. If there's anything missing or stated incorrectly, please contact Yahtzee#9569 on Discord. The Dbz Raids is as the name suggests a Dbz themed raid. This raid offers 3 difficulties to choose from. Each difficulty comes with new bosses to kill and better rewards for higher difficulties. To complete a raid, you have to clear all the waves. While it's possible to solo each difficulty, it's highly recommended doing it with others to speed up the kills, especially on Hard difficulty. As long as you've dealt damage, no matter how much, you will receive a key at the end of the raid. The top damage dealer will receive 2 keys. You can use these keys on the chests at the Time Chamber area. Dbz Raids is also a good way to earn Cash and Utopia Crystals by selling or grinding the items you get. You can get to Dbz Raids by typing ::timechamber, or via the teleports menu (Ctrl+T) -> Minigames tab -> New Dbz Raids. Time Chamber Area Joining, Starting, Creating Or Disbanding Raids In order to start or join a raid, you will need to meet the killcount requirement (::npckills). Easy Dbz Raids: 25k (25,000) Medium Dbz Raids: 50k (50,000) Hard Dbz Raids: 100k (100,000) If you meet the requirements, click on "Activate" on the Time Chamber. This opens the Dbz Raids interface. In here you can Join, Leave, Create, or Disband a party. Only the party leader can disband a party. To join an existing party, you will have to enter the name of the party leader (the player who created the party).  To create a new party, you will need to click on "Create Party", then select which difficulty you want to do. Once you've selected the difficulty you want and your party is ready, click on "Start Raid!". The raid will then start in 3 seconds.  Time Chamber - to access the Dbz Raids Interface Creating a new party Raids And Rewards Overview To complete a raid you have to clear all the waves. Easy difficulty has 3 waves, Medium difficulty has 4 waves, and Hard difficulty has 6 waves. The final wave for each difficulty is the boss.    Difficulty: Easy Waves 1 and 2 Wave 3 (final boss)   Rewards:     Difficulty: Medium Waves 1 and 2   Wave 3 (final boss)   Rewards:     Difficulty: Hard Waves 1, 2, 3, and 4   Wave 5 (final boss)   Rewards:     Recommended Gear Setups (Coming Soon)  
    • +1  I would love you back 🙂
    • +1  Would gladly accept you back :D  
    • Thank you for another awesome guide, Yahtzee! Looks awesome! Very thorough!
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