We are glad to announce that the all new DBZ raids have been released into Utopia! The all new DBZ raids includes easy, medium, and hard level difficulties, be sure to queue up with a friend as it is not so easy to solo! Coming along with the new DBZ raids are the DBZ spinner boxes, one regular version along with one elite. Take your chance at these boxes and test out your luck! Are you worthy of pulling an ultra rare?

Utopia now includes many unique global bosses! Be sure to check them out when they announce globally throughout the server! However, some global bosses require killcount and that MUST be done in order to be able to enter the boss zone. Hurry up and raise that killcount in order to be eligible for INSANE loot! Only if you're lucky of course.

- New League of legends minigame
- New Dragon ball raids
- New PVP tournament
- Item grinder
- Item grading
- Unique models
- Weekly updates!
- Friendly community
- New Elon musk Quest!
- New battlepass S4!

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