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¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†ūüĒ•¬†¬†Hi, FELLOW¬†PLAYERS OF¬†UTOPIA¬†¬†ūüĒ•


                      In this topic/guide i'll be demonstrating how the automatic gambling system

                                       Works in the world of Utopia. Lets get started!




       Too start this thing off we will be taking a look at the Gamble option when you right

        click a player in Utopia. 1710365906_GAMBLING2.png.88ce6e5452e644ce32cbd7cc4a168e9c.png  So whenever you and another player

        want too gamble each other you can start by simply right clicking the user and 

        sending a gamble request. GAMBLING.png.10e8b1a5249bb2d2525c9ffe5ed220a2.png Screenshot_17.png.e5fff27b35a7cd6d68bad67ff4858a2e.png

               (starting a gamble with someone will send you both to dice zone automatically)

        Once either player has accepted the request you will then have the automatic 

        interface pop up for the both of you. infter.png.0abad670ca8e9c155b1200a3e9fe84cf.png

        If both players have decided on the game type. The player who hits accept first

        will automatically host the game. Now starting with flower poker, It's as good

        as it can get being fully auto. It plants for you and the other player aswell as

        Revealing the winner and how they won. 290248058_flowerpoker.png.17e28c277b68d15d8954828c494204d8.png

            Up next on the list is Dice duel (FT3). First to reach 3 wins gets the pot.

        Both players roll dice at the same time automatically and the highest roller 

        Gets 1 point to their score. Screenshot_9.png.2ae2e79507d48659fe38cf42fd9406a5.pngScreenshot_10.png.b3df08db017bf7424d4b7691d4f78d34.png


                Next mode on the list is a favorite of many being blackjack (Hit or Stay).

        The goal of this mode is too roll the highest number you can without going

        pass 100 and then hoping the person you are gambling with does not

         roll a higher number than you. 100 = bust. Screenshot_11.png.02256994d5bffd869ddb7241729eaf74.pngScreenshot_12.png.30a9f209d99b649bf6e5f5148c96d5d2.png                 Screenshot_13.png.ac69a14bfc043d74b03daee3faff77bb.png

                     If someone rolls a 60 then 40 that's a bust. If someone rolls a 60 and 38, You'd

            choose "stay" and let the other person attempt to beat your score of 98 by 

            trying their best too roll to 99 without busting.


           Lastly, we have a classic being 55x2. This is one of if not the most simple gambling

           method. If the hoster rolls 55 or higher the pot gets doubled. If the hoster rolls less

           than a 55, the person that bet loses the pot. Screenshot_15.png.d391a20962d3406a8849f23fb0f2ecbd.png     




      That's it for this guide. Hope you enjoyed

               And good luck on your bets! :classic_biggrin:




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