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  1. I readed this app twice because i really like how you did answer those questions. I see alot of things back in you from what i readed here. What i mostly like is how original this app is, well done! The only thing is your playtime but you already know alot of Utopia. I mean thats what i noticed. I saw you did help alot of new players out by saying the right things. Keep doing this! Oh and Next time, dont put your head in the fridge 🥶 this app is ice cold! +1 from me 💯
  2. Looks good , next time no copy🤪. try to tell more about how you contribute the server.
  3. Looks good but the thing is, what do you mean by this: ''I bring an active member to the server who is knowledgeable and very helpful. I also bring some good vibes aswell. Always talking with others'' This app is copied also (= -1 from me.
  4. Good app and alot of playtime keep going! see you help everyone and being kind (=
  5. Good app also, saw you help many people ingame and not in active at all. gz on 300 hours playtime!
  6. Good app seems alright for me but the only thing is the playtime, Try to reach the 100 hours 💯
  7. Name: Adil Giovanni In-game name: Kdr Age: 22 years old What country are you from: The netherlands How much time you can spend on the server: I can spend alot of time. Got my laptop always with me (With internet) for work. Lets say daily 3-4 hours active. How can you contribute the server: I can help people, stop discussions, make people understand each other in a fight.and i can explain alot of stuff that they dont know. As i saw when i played the game for the first time. New people get short answers and that is what i want to do better, to give people the knowledge to do more stuff
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