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  1. Trey

    Gambling Guide

    🔥 Hi, FELLOW PLAYERS OF UTOPIA 🔥 In this topic/guide i'll be demonstrating how the automatic gambling system Works in the world of Utopia. Lets get started! Too start this thing off we will be taking a look at the Gamble option when you right click a player in Utopia. So whenever you and another player want too gamble each other you can start by simply right clicking the user and sending a gamble request. (starting a gamble with someone will send you both to dice zone automatically) Once either player has accepted the request you will then have the automatic interface pop up for the both of you. If both players have decided on the game type. The player who hits accept first will automatically host the game. Now starting with flower poker, It's as good as it can get being fully auto. It plants for you and the other player aswell as Revealing the winner and how they won. Up next on the list is Dice duel (FT3). First to reach 3 wins gets the pot. Both players roll dice at the same time automatically and the highest roller Gets 1 point to their score. Next mode on the list is a favorite of many being blackjack (Hit or Stay). The goal of this mode is too roll the highest number you can without going pass 100 and then hoping the person you are gambling with does not roll a higher number than you. 100 = bust. If someone rolls a 60 then 40 that's a bust. If someone rolls a 60 and 38, You'd choose "stay" and let the other person attempt to beat your score of 98 by trying their best too roll to 99 without busting. Lastly, we have a classic being 55x2. This is one of if not the most simple gambling method. If the hoster rolls 55 or higher the pot gets doubled. If the hoster rolls less than a 55, the person that bet loses the pot. That's it for this guide. Hope you enjoyed And good luck on your bets!
  2. Trey

    Progressions Guide

    🔥 Hi, FELLOW PLAYERS OF UTOPIA 🔥 Today i'll be bringing you a guide on how too complete our fine progressions system. Some of these i could not complete on the spot upon making this guide but will be sure too give you great visual/understanding of how it all works. Lets begin! 1. Train Master part 1: Too begin the first progression is simple. All you wanna do is type ::Train, there will be an interface that opens, click "training teleport" and it will bring you to the guide room. Follow the rooms and find which npcs you are going for <Penguins / Winged trolls> Train master part 2: Very simple once again, Just type ::Home or click the "Home" button inside of the spell book and that will be the completion of the progression. 2. Custom Killer part 1: For this progression you'll need a bit of time and dedication. You're gonna teleport to ::custom or customzone And head over to pikachu or luigi. Kill 7,500 times each. Whichever you choose too do first doesn't matter. or Before doing this progression though it is best too find yourself a AOE (Area of effect) weapon such as z500s if you are on a tight budget (Of course higher tier if you can afford it). For efficient killing/time you can run in between the sets of npcs while killing both. First set > second set > first > second. Custom killer part 2: For this part of the progression is easy. You're gonna wanna type ::Train > Training teleports. Run to the last room where you'll find "Predator" npcs. Kill 75 of them 3. Marvel Slasher: Simple and easily understood Requirements. Kill 150 each of these npcs: THANOS > IRONMAN > CAPT. AMERICA > Utopia teleports > Bosses > thanos/ironman/captain america 4. Soloraids Master: Fairly simple progression. You're gonna want to go through the entire (5 rooms) easy soloraids too finish this. Kill hulk 50 times (Room 3) Kill Bork 50 times (Room 4) Kill easy soloraids boss 25 times (room 5) 5. Stoner: Lets get lit! Fire up the bong and take a toke. You'll wanna first go to rastaman teleport and kill them until you get a bong (can be obtained elsewhere). Once you get the bong, use the strain that you wanna toke on the bong . You'll see a text/effect knowing that you received some sort of buff/effect (different strains give different buffs) 6. Deadislands Lord: Kill Kill Kill. Simple and Understanding progression. You'll wanna go to the Utopia teleports > Monster > Dead island Every npc you'll need too kill is there (Toxic shadows > west north) 7. Minigamer part 1: Fairly grindful progression here. You must complete the Olm minigame 5 times And open the chest. (You are able too camp the last room and farm keys) ----- Minigamer part 2: More soloraids. With this part of the progression you'll be opening 10 easy soloraid chests Keys for the chest can be obtained through complete soloraid runs or through the soloraid shop. Keys aren't guaranteed for each completed run. ----- Minigamer part 3: Go to Utopia teleports > Pest control. Grab 4 other players (5 total) and run to the boat to start the minigame. Once you have finished a game of pest control that will be the completion of this progression. 8. Skilling Master: For this progression, it will be a no brainer. Skilling teleports be accessed by skill tab 9. Slayer Master part 1: Task progression. Really straight forward in terms of requirements. You'll wanna check out the achievements tab too see what tasks you wanna go for or too check progress for tasks. ---- Slayer Master part 2: Simple and straight forward. Buy the double slayer exp from the slayer shop and that's it. 10. All Time Collector part 1: Prepare too grind, With this progression you'll be collecting stones, the gauntlet itself, and playtime. Click the link for a detailed guide on the thanos gauntlet. ----- All Time Collector part 2: Prepare too grind again, With this progression you'll be collecting dragonballs for broly. You will have too get in order 1-7 dragonballs (Not golden) . Once you get the dragonballs and have brought them back to broly, you will then have completed both "collect all dragonballs' and "collect dbz reward" 11. Secured: Have you ever felt unsafe? unsure if you'd logged into a cleaned account or not? Well look no further as this progression tends too give your account the safety you're looking for! Step 1: Set up your email with the "town crier" ingame . Step 2: Log into your associated email account and verify the link you received. Step 3: Purposely re log too unlock your account and complete the progression. 12. All Time Crafter: Simple progression. First up we have the combiner located at home and a peak of the interface too have a idea. ----- Secondly, we have the upgrade machine. We use this too get a upgrade/chance at getting a tier above the current item you're upgrading or for things like upgrading a Ragefire bow (or +1/+2's) 13. Starter: Very simple progression. ::Train > Training teleport > Guide man > Guide book. Teleport back home. Run north to the banks and that's it. 14. Dragon Hunter part 1: A mediocre progression. Collect 100 of each egg (frost/fire) and you are able too slay one of the dragons You only have to kill both of them one time then move on to king black dragon. ----- Dragon Hunter part 2: This part is easier. Too find the king black dragon you must teleport to tormented demons with the command ;;tormented. There you will find a king black dragon easily defeat able Once you kill the dragon that will be the completion of the progression. 15. Playboy: Kill em all. Simple but grindy. Kill 300 of each Sarah , Lucy , and Jennifer Utopia teleports > Monsters > Hookers zone 16. Adventurer part 1: Prepare for a grindful progression. in this, you will have too complete hospital quests/trump quests along with killing trumps. Start by typing ::Hospital > Talk to the surgeon She will then give you a quest to retrieve these items (::Virus to begin collecting). Once you have brought her 1000 tokens/5 vaccines you'll get a reward and confirmation in chat . When you have completed the first quest, you will have the option too start a second quest by talking to the surgeon again You will have too farm the full hazmat outfit from ::virus and bring it back to the surgeon. Once you have brought a full set you will receive a reward and chat confirmation again ----- Adventurer part 2: Trump quests. Too find or start the first trump quest, you will first teleport to ::Custom or customzone. Talk to donald trump > > Run north (while at ::custom) until you see bill gates > Kill him until you get a "bill gates head" drop > Go to ::virus or the virus shop and get vaccine > Go back to ::custom and run to the set of bill gates. Use the vaccine on one of them . You will then receive a vaccine certificate > Take the head and certificate to donald trump and that will be the completion of the first quest --- Second trump quest: Head over to ::custom > Talk to donald trump > > Run north to the set of steve jobs > Kill them until you've collected 2500 apple tokens and a gold iphone > Take them to trump and that will be the completion of the second trump quest --- Final/Top trump quest: You're gonna want to head back over to trump at ::custom > > Farm rastaman points at rastaman boss then head over to the weed shop north of home and buy 6 random strains > Go back to ::custom where you'll farm 5,000 custom tokens from either of the npcs > Go back to trump after you have the weed/tokens and that will be the completion of the final trump quest . ----- Adventurer part 3: Simple part of this progression. Kill 50 donald trump npcs. You can find him on Utopia teleports > Monsters > donald trump. 17. Afk Master: Easy progression but takes time. Run north of ::Home to the afk area > Start by mining the afk rock until you've reached 5,000 stone > Upon completing the afk rock, turn your focus onto the afk trees where you'll need to cut 500 > After you've completed both the afk rock/tree, you'll only have too open the afk store (unless you've done so already) and that will be the completion of the progression. 18. PP Girls Lover: Simple, good money, easy kc. In this progression you'll have a simple task. Kill 500 each of blossoms, buttercup, and bubbles. Upon killing the npcs you'll receive symbols too enter the next room (Symbols are rng based but are guaranteed after a certain kill count. Bubbles = 125, Buttercup = 256, Blossom = 512) < First room will be Bubbles. < Second room will be Buttercups < Third room will be Blossoms 19. Money Man: Simple / money making progression. you will first need too teleport to money zone and make it to the fourth room where you will find Mojojojo npcs Kill 1,000 of these Upon killing them you will have a chance too receive a cash boss instance in your inventory (You will also be teleported to the pre cash boss room). Cash boss instances are rng based or guaranteed at 1,000 mojojojo kill count exactly (Not general kill count, inside of money zone kill count). Once you've received your first instance and have killed your first cash boss you will have the hang of it. Kill the Cash boss 5 times by running through the entire money zone completely. --- Teleporting to moneyzone for the bubbles progression or for the start of this progression will give you the "TP to money zone" 20. Raids Master: Get your buddies and show your team spirit by joining ::Raids together and completing 10 runs. Each run you will receive a key too use on the raids chests Do it 10 times. If you type ::Raids and someone else joins you will complete the "create raid party" --- Too finish, you will need too teleport to ::Soloraid (easy, medium, or hard does not matter) and open the chest 5 times. Doing this will complete the progression. 21. Medium Soloraids: For this progression you'll need decent gear and the medium soloraids requirement. Start by typing ::Soloraid > Medium > click on the orb you see in the middle of the room too start. Medium consists of one boss in the first room and two bosses in rooms 2-4. Upon killing each npc in a room, they will drop a key that allows you to move onto the next room. --- The bosses in room 1-4 are considered regular bosses so too complete the 250 bosses task, you have too kill the npcs/bosses that are in rooms 1-4 250 times (Not 250 times each) --- Once you have made it through rooms 1-4, the final room is where the boss resides Kill it 50 times. --- Upon entering the soloraids for the kill count requirements you will complete the "start raids 15 times" resulting in a completion of the progression. 22. Hard Soloraids: For this progression you'll need good gear and the "hard" Soloraids requirements. Just like the medium soloraids, the hard soloraids consists of 1 boss in the first room and 2 bosses per rooms 2-3. 4th room has 3 Too move onto each room you'll have too kill each npc for the keys up until you reach the final room where the boss resides --- Just like the medium soloraids, you'll be aiming too kill instead 500 of the npcs from rooms 1-4 (Not 500 each) and 75 final room bosses --- While starting the soloraids too complete the kill tasks, you will complete "start raids 50 times" resulting in the progression being completed. 23. Soloraid Treasure: Simple progression. Open chests. Start by typing ::Soloraid. It will bring up options Click on the one you have requirements for or do easy > medium > hard. Too gather keys you will need to complete soloraid runs (easy-hard) or buy them from soloraid shops. (Each run isn't a guaranteed key) Easy chest > Medium chest > Hard chest > Upon opening each chest 50 times will result in the progression being complete. Guide will be updated as new progressions release