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  3. Update well worth the wait, Great job!
  4. Added Item grinder. You can use your items on this object to grind it to Utopia Crystals. (If you have more than 1 same item on inventory, all will be grinded!) Added Item Grinder (item). You don`t need to travel to item grinder object if you have this. You can buy this item from crystal exchange or donator store. Added Utopia Crystals exchange store: Added new items grading system. (You cant trade, drop, bank and wear as a cosmetics graded items). Every grade gives : 1.2 * item stats. Max grade: +5.
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  6. Well I'm happy to welcome you to the utopia family!
  7. Overall a very nice guy, love to speak to him in the discord and have a laugh. +1 for sure.
  8. +1 very good application keep up the good work
  9. +1 very good guy always helping with new players and very active
  10. +1 ❤️ always helping and i know i can ask him too look out for new players that need help if i need to go afk and no other staff on
  11. +1 good guy very active
  12. +1 from me will wait what others think.
  13. Name(optional): In-game name: Streaker777 Age: 29 What is your time zone: Eastern Standard Time or EST What country are you from? USA How much time can you spend on the server (avg.): 4-8 hours How can you contribute to the server: I can contribute by helping new players, helping community and helping players get the feel for the server when they don't know. How long you have been playing for (post a screenshot): https://imgur.com/7r2QOTB What can you bring to the table that others can't: I can bring server knowledge with a friendly and ca
  14. Heyo For those who want to know, I'm 22 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Been playing RuneScape since 2005-2006 and stopped around 2010 (Evolution of Combat update). Ever since then I've been playing Rsps's on/off, usually taking a few months break after spending some time on them. Taking a break from Steam at the moment which brought me back to playing Rsps. Few days after getting back I remembered this server exists (sorry!) and came back. I'll eventually go back and play Steam games. Most likely going to be Monster Hunter: World, Rocket League or should I find time for it,
  15. +1 been a lot more actively lately You were nice and helpful on GS aswell
  16. My names GODsKEEPER as we can see 🤭 but you can catch me on discord voice to get to know me 🤗it’s where I chill. Need anything my pms are open I respond. Hope everyone’s enjoying the server as I am🥰
  17. Undecided for now, let's see some improvement with helping players IN GAME then i'll let ya know what I think. However, you are a nice guy and I see some potential in you.
  18. -1. Id wanna see you interact/help more rather than yell "Fping dicezone" every 10 minutes
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