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    • Update well worth the wait, Great job!
    • Added Item grinder. You can use your items on this object to grind it to Utopia Crystals. (If you have more than 1 same item on inventory, all will be grinded!) Added Item Grinder (item). You don`t need to travel to item grinder object if you have this. You can buy this item from crystal exchange or donator store. Added Utopia Crystals exchange store:   Added new items grading system. (You cant trade, drop, bank  and wear as a cosmetics graded items). Every grade gives : 1.2 * item stats.  Max grade: +5. You can bank it only on graded items pocket. How it works? Example: Regular Draconic bow. Use Draconic bow on Draconic bow to get 1+ graded Draconic bow. Gradeable items list: Raditz set. (midgame). Draconic bow. (endgame). Karik set. (endgame). Owner swords. (endgame). Exiled amulet. (endgame). Frost aa set. (endgame). Completed gods minigun. (midgame). Upgraded Rage fire bows. (endgame). Ring of Baium. (endgame). Custom sets. (you need grade scroll to grade custom sets).   Added Grade scrolls ( for custom sets grading ). You can get scrolls from crystal exchange or donate.   Use piece on grade scroll to increase your armor piece grade. (max grade: 5).   Added Item Degrade object.   Added new Dragon Ball raids: Command to acces: ::timechamber Requirements: - 100K npc kills. (In future will make diff requirements for all difficult raids!) Create party, ask your friends to join it! and lets start the raid! (you can do raid solo!).  -   -  Raid Difficulty: EASY: 3 Total stages, 2 stages with 6 npcs, 1 final boss stage. (Drops: Easy dbz raid key.) Max damager gets 2 keys, all others 1x. Boss:   MEDIUM: 4 Total stages, 3 stages with 8 npcs, 1 final boss stage. (Drops: Medium dbz raid key.) Boss:   HARD: 6 Total stages, 5 stages with 8 npcs, 1 final boss stage. (Drops: Hard dbz raid key.) Boss: Rewards: Easy rewards:  Medium rewards:  Hard rewards:      Added New World Boss Fused Zamasu! 60Hours playtime requirement. Drops: Fused zamasu gear: (gradeable) Fused zamasu aura: 8% dr , 5% ddr.   Added ::raditz zone (mid tier). Raditz gear: Gradeable max +5. Drops:   Added Golden Ooazu: Drops:   Added Janemba Drops: Added Janemba sword: 7% dr, 7% ddr.   Added Piccolo: Drops: Gear: Cape: 6% dr , 5% ddr.   Added New progressions. You can combine god pots now! Added Recipe (God potion). You can get by killing Golden Oozaru, Raditz, Dbz raids.   Added New slayer task streaks: Per 15 streaks = points received * 3: Per 25 streaks = points received * 4: Per 50 streaks = points received * 5: Per 100 streaks = points received * 6:   Added Working Highscores. 3 modes: Normal Mode, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman. Fixed Loyalty titles interface! Added Loyalty ticket on Q store (250Q) You can claim this scroll and finish loyalty titles achievement it just 1 click!   Buffed Completionist Cape. (Added damage multiplier, stats, droprate). (Second best cape inslot!). 6% dr , 5% ddr. Added New Dbz spinner box: Added new Elite Dbz spinner box: Updated ::donationdeals items: Updated wheel of fortune box rewards: Changed Goodie box rewards: Updated daily rewards:   Changed Well of Goodwill. Now you can get 6 hours of 20% ddr for 600Q.   Added Home Teleporter on wildy resource area.     Added Player owned store logs. Added command ::pos to open player owned stores straight! Cash instance now is AOE! Nerfed cash instance npcs! Lowered custom store prices! Updated owner cape zone. https://gyazo.com/d7baf35a71589e55f6e056cfcf6ef5cc Added command ::amongus. Deleted crashed star/evil tree. Deleted Optimus Prime Changed Lefosh respawn time to 10seconds. was 85. Removed Trees from Soulscreamer zone. Added more destroyer npcs. Added more cerberus npcs. Added more thor npcs. Added more tactical npcs. Increased slayer tasks npc amount. Removed Devil torva npcs. Removed Elite torva npcs. Removed Pheonix npcs. Removed ::joinraid command for starters. You can enter raid only with the portal now! Removed 50 Unused drops. Fixed Frost owner sword droprate/ddr. You can use pets on owner cape zone now! Changed Deadpool items models,npc model. Disabled teamraids! Removed Junk store (you can grind item to crystals and swap crystals to q tickets) You can acces beerus,buu with baium ring! Added Gambling logs! Nerfed Gogeta gear multiplier to 3.0  was 3.3. Removed all christmas stuff.  Will keep ::snowarena whole winter!        
    • Well I'm happy to welcome you to the utopia family!
    • Overall a very nice guy, love to speak to him in the discord and have a laugh. +1 for sure.  
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